‘Lafayette Street Residence’ Project May Come to Newark’s Ironbound

197 199 Lafayette Street Newark 1
Plan for proposed development at 197-199 Lafayette Street, Newark. Elevations by Palermo Edwards Architecture released by the City of Newark.

Two adjacent houses in Newark’s East Ward might be torn down and replaced with a new mixed-use development.

An application sent into the City of Newark says that a six-story building could be constructed at 197 and 199 Lafayette Street, which are situated between Union and Prospect streets in the Ironbound section.

The document describes plans by 197 Lafayette Street, LLC to bring 22 residential units, 2,836 square feet of ground-floor retail space, a community room, and a gym to the site. Parking for cars would not be provided on the premises, though architectural plans from Palermo Edwards Architecture indicate that a bike storage room would be included in the building.

Antonio and Alina Lolo are identified in a disclosure statement as each owning half of 197 Lafayette Street, LLC.

197 199 Lafayette Street Newark 2
Plan for proposed development at 197-199 Lafayette Street, Newark. Elevations by Palermo Edwards Architecture released by the City of Newark.

Site plans from Grant Engineering & Construction Group, LLC that were released by Newark’s municipal government refer to this development as “Lafayette Street Residence” and note in part that “the project is located in an area determined to be within [a] 100 year floodplain pursuant to the preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Map.”

The two properties are located one block south of the Ferry Street corridor and are less than half a mile from Newark Penn Station.

This matter is scheduled to go before the Newark Zoning Board of Adjustment during a meeting over Zoom on Thursday, April 8, at 6:00 p.m. The meeting agenda says that the applicant is looking for variances ranging from exceeding the maximum building height to exceeding the maximum lot coverage.

Note to readers: The dates that applications are scheduled to be heard by the Newark Zoning Board of Adjustment and other commissions are subject to change.

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  1. Great to see many new developments in the Ironbound section of Newark.
    Lafayette is a great location near school , supermarket, Church, restaurants, train Station, prudential center and walking distance to Downtown Newark and 5 minutes drive to Newark airport.

  2. Think about parking for the other people who live it that area. If they don’t have a garage it’s almost impossible to park. And the double parking slows traffic. Use a little common sense.

  3. Seems like common sense is not so common anymore. Anyways there is a solution, if i have access to investment, i have a great idea ( i believe)

  4. Newark people should have a more city mentality and less as town mentality.
    The complaint is always towards parking in Newark , And for my personal opinion Newark has plenty of parking . look at Jersey city ,Hoboken and Nyc . With Very feel Parking . people over their commute with train , citi bikes and taxi.

  5. You must not live in this area. I have lived in this area 35 years and my only problem IS PARKING! No there is NOT enough parking… between all these restaurants, churches, bars and now the Prudential Center with extremely expensive parking lots causing people to rather park 4 block down Lafayette Street than pay $20+ for parking, THERE IS FAR FROM ENOUGH PARKING FOR ACTUAL RESIDENTS! The name Make Newark Great Again should be for a person that actually puts the residents first!

  6. YES!!! I agree! I own a 3 family house VERY close to this upcoming development and between the 3 families we have 5 cars that we already struggle to find parking for. So imagine all these new units with no parking lot. Lack of common sense and consideration at its finest!

  7. I don’t know who actually made it to the zoom meeting, but the next meeting is APRIL 22!!!
    I personally know residents that live on Lafayette that were never notified about the zoom meeting at all. So that mean not enough people will be able to oppose this development. During the meeting the attorney requested a special meeting and one of the chair holders said all residents would be notified of the new zoom meeting, THE ATTORNEY ROLLED HIS EYES AND CHUCKLED!!!! and proceeded to change the date JUST NOT TO NOTIFY RESIDENTS!!! how grimey does that sound!!! He wants people to lose track so he has nobody opposing this development.

  8. Time to sell your house and move to a ranch in Florida.
    I was born in the Ironbound and I’m now 37 years old . It’s about time Newark is getting more development.

  9. Call me crazy, but it’s as if some have this misplaced vision of Newark as a suburban oasis in the midst of an urban megalopolis. Most new development in Newark, is targeted towards people without cars. Newark has the 2nd-highest % of residents who do not own vehicles. The City’s Master Plan incorporates more public transit and fewer accommodations for people with vehicles.
    If parking is that important to some, they should consider other areas to live in, or adjust to the changing conditions of the city they inhabit. That would be the common sense thing to do…

  10. The Ironbound has always been a neighborhood of commuters.
    It has never been a neighborhood for automobiles 1st! If you a new building with parking lots, then move to the towers in Forest Hill or Weequahic. Or those misguided suburban-style townhouses dotting all over Newark.

  11. I’ve got very bad news. I’ve been suspecting the worst the last couple of months over Riverfront Square. As soon as the stadium came down ,so that all the signs and renderings.

    Sure enough I just read the city change Developers and now some company called May Newark is in charge. The drawing for the site looks like a cheap little map and it looks like Baxter Terrace part 2! A bunch of L shaped buildings typical of suburbs! I knew that be no world’s tallest Timber building that’s BS. It was all a lie to get the stadium demolished. That’s what they got they land bank before year and sold it . Now supposedly Lotus is somehow involved in a peripheral way. But I doubt it. Puerto Rico and DC will be States before this ever happens. I’m a lifelong Newark resident and I’ve seen disappointments for decades. I can smell them a mile away. Sorry for the rant

  12. That is very unfortunate!

    Are the new drawings available online?

    Sad to see that this change didn’t come with any kind of public announcement, after all the fanfare and amazing drawings.


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