Jersey City Adopts Plan to Bring Mixed-Use Parking Facility to Central Avenue

Central Avenue Mixed Use Parking Facility Jersey City Heights Aerial
Site of planned mixed-use parking facility in The Heights, Jersey City. Aerial view via the City of Jersey City.

A scheme aiming to revitalize city-owned properties while relieving a well-documented parking crunch is close to becoming a reality along a busy stretch of The Heights.

During their last meeting, Jersey City’s council voted 8-0 to adopt the Central Avenue Block 2901 Redevelopment Plan on second reading. The land affected by the measure totals about 2.68 acres and spans 24 parcels on the east side of Central Avenue between Griffith and Bowers streets.

Much of the property along the Cambridge Avenue side of the lots is currently dedicated to surface parking with the capacity to hold about 160 cars. The proposed redevelopment would apply to properties within Zone 1 of the plan, as parcels in Zones 2 and 3 are privately owned and will remain so.

Central Avenue Mixed Use Parking Facility Jersey City Heights Plan
The boundaries. Plan via the City of Jersey City.

Under the new zoning enacted by the council, a parking garage with a minimum of 400 public spaces would be constructed along several city-owned properties. That portion of the plan allows four floors of parking plus three floors of residential use, with vehicles set to enter and exit the garage along Cambridge Avenue.

The maximum building height for the redevelopment plan tops out at 74 feet and a 10,000-square-foot public plaza surrounded by retail would need to be built along Central Avenue as part of the deal.

Central Avenue Mixed Use Parking Facility Jersey City Heights Render 1
The facility will include parking, residential use, and retail. Rendering via the City of Jersey City.

The plan dictates that proposed buildings or additions to existing structures along this stretch of Central Avenue “shall mimic existing façades” and “be designed to present a harmonious appearance in terms of architectural style and exterior materials.”

A developer who undertakes the project will be required to incorporate green infrastructure as part of the city’s Resiliency Master Plan. Those measures include flood reduction, pollution solutions, and elements like a sustainable rooftop, solar panels, or a common rooftop recreation space.

Central Avenue Mixed Use Parking Facility Jersey City Heights Render 2
The facility will also incorporate green elements. Rendering via the City of Jersey City.

Following the council’s approval, the Jersey City Redevelopment Agency (JCRA) is slated to put out a Request for Proposals (RFP) to find a developer interested in working on the project. An exact timeline as to when the RFP will be issued has not been announced.

A potential public parking garage along Central Avenue is the latest in a long line of initiatives looking to improve The Heights. A $3 million renovation of Riverview Park opened earlier this year and a $4 million streetscape revitalization along Central Avenue is currently underway.

Reservoir #3 is also undergoing a major overhaul that will stabilize and preserve the original Romanesque pump houses and expand an existing dirt path around the facility for greater public access.


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  1. Yeah, this is probably needed. It will help boost existing businesses to provide a little bit of parking. I like that the kept the entrance to the parking off Cambridge Avenue to allow an uninterrupted pedestrian experience on Central Ave. I wonder how many apartments will be built as part of the residential component. I’m surprised they didn’t allow for a taller building closer to the southeast corner of the site as there is already a 10-story building across the street at the corner of Cambridge and Griffin. All in all good plan by Jersey City Planning.

  2. It’s a decent starter plan that if implemented in the right way should provide a much needed retail, and hopefully aesthetic, boost to Central Ave, aka Desolation Row. I agree that I would have like to see buildings higher than 7 stories. The building on Cambridge/ Griffith is senior housing so it was given a variance to be 10 stories. They could have easily gone to 10 or 12 stories in zone 1 and not have it stick out like a sore thumb. I hope the developer doesn’t blow the opportunity to build something distinctive and eye catching. A rooftop green space on top of the garage should have been a requirement of the plan.

    I hope there is a plan included to demolish Burger King. If so, good riddance to bad rubbish.

  3. Desolation row 😂 indeed central needs better store fronts,so much potential it has,agreed with the Burger King,that needs to go, I also would love to see stop and shop go,that place needs to be change for something better


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