Harrison Yards’ Second Phase Could Include Hotel and Nearly 900 Units

Harrison Yards Phase Two 700 Frank Rodgers Boulevard South
Phase two of Harrison Yards would occupy a vacant lot at 700 Frank E. Rodgers Boulevard South, Harrison. Image via Google Maps.

The second phase of a massive development project in Harrison could bring hundreds of residential units and even a hotel to a former industrial site near the western Hudson County town’s PATH station.

The Hudson County Planning Board is scheduled to hear an application by Accordia Harrison Urban Renewal, LLC involving the next phase of the Harrison Yards complex during its virtual meeting over Zoom today, Tuesday, May 19 at 6:30 p.m. A copy of the developer’s application states that two mixed-use buildings are planned for the property at 700 Frank E. Rodgers Boulevard South.

Harrison Yards Phase Two Rendering
A concept rendering of the project from 2019 – likely reflecting the lower unit count. Image credit: Architectura.

The Hudson County Planning Board’s project description says that these new structures would bring 884 residential units, retail space, a hotel with 200 rooms, and automated parking garages with 1,324 spaces to the premises. However, a May 5 letter from Remington & Vernick Engineers to the Hudson County Division of Planning mentioned that the development proposal now calls for 898 residential units and 1,350 parking spaces, though the 200-room hotel component has remained.

Harrison Yards Phase Two Elevation
Building one elevation. Image credit: Architectura.

One of the buildings would be 26 stories tall while the other would be 17 stories tall, according to the letter, which added that 204,709 square feet of retail and commercial space along with 40,784 square feet of park space are also envisioned.

Like all development sites in this previously industrial part of Harrison, the property is located not far away from the Passaic River. However, a letter on May 13 from the Hudson County Division of Planning to the developer’s attorney stated in part that the Hudson County Effective Flood Insurance Rating Map shows that “the site does not appear to be located in a flood hazard area.”

This proposal comes as a significant change from the initial vision for the second phase of the development at the Harrison Yards site. The May 5 letter from Remington & Vernick Engineers and site plans from Architectura show that 431 residential units and 8,106 square feet of retail space were originally planned.

Note to readers: The dates that applications are scheduled to be heard by the Hudson County Planning Board and other commissions are subject to change.



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  1. The building plans look fine, stuck between Rt 280 and the NJ/Amtrak/PATH main lines. Hope the architects factor in the shaking and noise factor of the traffic. Which brings me to the main point: Access to this strip is entirely from Frank E. Rogers Blvd, which is already in capable of handling existing traffic at rush hours and during Red Bulls Arena events. and there is absolutely no available street parking. Unless 1. the ramp to the Red Bull Arena with a flyover further east off Rt. 280 AND the continuation and cut through from 1st Street underneath the train trestles to connect with Cape May Street to alleviate FER Blvd rush traffic are completed, this entire project will necessarily fail to secure any tenants in their right minds. These plans were part of the original development plan, but aren’t funded and all the parties thereto (the railroad folks, PSEG and Trenton) are not cooperating as of yet. A boondoggle in the making unless Governor Murphy takes a very, very strong hand. The Harrison Council does not have the authority to get these things done.

  2. Can you imagine another 900+ cars using the bottlenecks that are 1st + Harrison Ave and FER + Harrison Ave? There is no infrastructure to support the “riverbend” district as it’s cut off by 280 with only two ways into Kearny. And there are barely any services on that side of town. You have Seabra, but there are no real gyms and only a few restaurants.

    They might want to focus on the first phase that has been sitting there unfinished for over a year


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