PHOTOS: Demolition Continues at Newark’s Riverfront Stadium

Riverfront Stadium Demo Newark 4
Demolition underway at Riverfront Stadium, Newark. Photo by Jared Kofsky/Jersey Digs.

The second-to-last station on the Newark Light Rail’s Broad Street Extension service might soon need a new name.

The Riverfront Stadium stop has been known as such since it opened back in 2006 in front of what was then the home of the Newark Bears, the New Jersey Institute of Technology Highlanders, and the Rutgers-Newark Scarlet Raiders. But the days of baseball fans coming to the corner of Broad and Division Streets to see a game are long gone. Now, with plans in store for a massive new complex called Riverfront Square, the Newark Bears and Eagles Riverfront Stadium will soon be a thing of the past as well.

Riverfront Stadium Demo Newark 2
Old stadium facade. Photo by Jared Kofsky/Jersey Digs.

Demolition crews have spent the last three weeks tearing down parts of the two-decade-old stadium, including one of the former ticket counters and most of the seating areas. Much of the facade of the stadium’s front entrance was still standing when Jersey Digs stopped by on Friday, but a view of the site from atop the neighboring Essex County-owned parking garage reveals that the property has already become only a shadow of its former self.

Riverfront Stadium Demo Newark 1
Old ticket windows. Photo by Jared Kofsky/Jersey Digs.

Located across from the Newark Broad Street station, the premises were previously owned by the county government but were sold in recent years to Lotus Equity Group. The Manhattan-based developer is expected to turn the site of the former stadium along with a nearby vacant property that was once home to the Lincoln Motel into offices, a hotel, retail space, apartments, a public piazza, and more.

Riverfront Stadium Demo Newark 3
Demo debris. Photo by Jared Kofsky/Jersey Digs.

Jersey Digs obtained a redevelopment agreement for Riverfront Square late last year that mentioned that the project would be completed in seven phases, the first of which would include between 700 and 750 apartments along with 30,000 to 50,000 square feet of retail space and a possible performance venue.

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  1. Who payed for the stadium in the first place. I bet the tax payer. Now the tax payer is paying to tear it down. As i always say when cities are run by Dems they run it into the ground. That stadium says alot about how Dems run things.

    • It’s being turned into Riverfront square so I’m not sure what this Dems rant is about. Newark is not a baseball city, I’m not sure why they built that here in the first place.

      • Newark is not a baseball city?

        Is tiny Bridgewater or Montclair “baseball towns” ? Are their tiny populations sustaining these Somerset Patriots & Jackals’ stadiums?

        Outsiders come in to see the games!

        As for Newark, racist scum from suburban Essex created the Montclair Jackals to avoid going to Newark. So much for Newark bears getting fans in Suburban Essex, West Hudson & S Bergen County.
        Well, Newark still had Union County, eastern Hudson JC/Bayonne ….NOPE! SOMERSET PATRIOTS GAVE ALL UNION RESIDENTS AN EXCUSE NOT TO VISIT NEWARK.
        The Staten Island Yankees was the final nail in the coffin. Accompanied by ZERO TV & RADIO ADVERTISING.
        I still hear Trenton Thunder commercials in N.Jersey!
        Non Hispanic whites had every choice available to avoid Newark!

        • Luis, that’s an interesting take but inaccurate. The Newark Bears, if you remember, spent wildly when first formed and even had Ricky Henderson playing for them along with other legacy players to make a big splash in the Atlantic League. Your point about Newark doesn’t hold water as alot of other teams in the league have went bust: Camden Riversharks, Atlantic City Surf, Bridgeport Blue Fish, and Teams in Lehigh Valley PA. Blaming paying customers for any team’s poor management, planning, performance, or execution is ridiculous. Americans support winners – we like to win! The Somerset Patriots draw large crowds from all over Western & Central Jersey because they simply have a superior product and execute it better – I believe because they have a great management team in place. People vote with their money. To turn your argument around, how is it that Newark and North Jersey have a huge potential baseball fan base in place with great rail connections and still can’t get it done? It appears to me other types of business seem to make Newark work for them like: restraurants, NJPAC and the NJ Devils? The most obvious answer is usually the correct one – it’s about the experience, management, and execution.

      • Who payed to have the stadium built. The tax payer. Ok the people who bought the property are paying to take it down. My rant about the Dems is true. Most large city’s including Newark are run into the ground by the Dems. Tax payer money thrown away.
        Its in that pile of dirt. The tax payer built the stadium. That was my point. By the way don’t drink the water. Why dont you ask Booker about the water problem. Ow wait I ment Spartacus.
        Thank you.

        • How about less ranting and more fact finding.
          The taxpayers paid to have this stadium built.
          The new owners paid for the stadium and they are also paying to have it torn down.

          • Yes my point exactly. The TAX Payer Paid to have the stadium built.
            That means the TAX payer money was wasted. I am not ranting.
            I know the people who bought the property are paying to take it down. People at this site are not getting it. A waste of tax dollars that could have been used for better purposes. When the Dems hear the truth they still dont want to hear the truth

        • Newark’s water supply & mains are fine. It’s the older homes with lead pipes tapping the mains causing issue to those homes….THAT’S WHY ONLY CERTAIN RESIDENTS ARE GETTING FILTERS.

          The mayor of Newark is RAS BARAKA & has been for the last 7 years!

          • Emotions, aside it was a waste of tax payer dollars. RAS is a arrogant fake SJW pandering to the handout takers in the city. Look at his interview, he talks as if nobody cant tell him sh_t. Just like mayor Kwame in Detroit years ago . All full if it. It should have been on top of it , before the feds and the. This man voted him and the city council fat raises, while his city is saturated in blight. Results first then a raise.

            The guy above has a point. Dems tend to run cities into the ground. They spend on programs and salaries instead of infrastructure. I dont know why my fellow Black folk keep voting for them, we went from 17% of population and married to 12% single motherhood. mostly due to liberal policies. whatever im ranting. Im happy riverfront is coming though

        • The water has been a problem since 1975 and became dangerous to drink in 2012. This is nothing new. Maybe it’s new to people like you who don’t live in Newark, but the rest of us already knew about that water. And we all know that Cory Booker’s a fraud. So thank you for telling me what I already know.

    • If Newark is such a s***hole, how did it make the final cut with Amazon? Is the rapid pace of new development not embarked upon after careful research and analysis of the city’s economic prospects. It sure always seems like articulate, and intelligent black leaders never fail to threaten those with minimal real facts to counter their competencies.


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