Edison Lofts West Orange Nj

Opinion: How Did West Orange, Home of Free-thinker Edison, Become, Yes, So Conservative?

The progressivism that West Orange engages in is tokenism.
Columbus Statue Removed Washington Park Newark

Opinion: Newark’s Tubman Monument Repeats the Mistake it was Meant to Address

The placement of the monument seems to embody a spirit of revenge, rather than reparation.
New Jersey Rent Relief Options Covid 19

With Federal Help Unlikely, Landlords and Tenants Need to Work Together on Rent Relief

We have now been in quarantine for two months - two months that many people have been unemployed and unable to pay their rent and/or mortgages. With no federal assistance in sight, here's how landlords and tenants can work together to ease the burden.
jersey city capital of the world alexander hamilton

Alexander Hamilton Predicted Jersey City Would Become ‘Metropolis of the World’

Geographically, Jersey City made more sense. However, for reasons you might not think, Manhattan eventually beat Jersey City to the title.
newark real estate renaissance

Renaissance Might Be the Wrong Word for Newark

Longtime residents take aim at the media's increasing desire to say Newark is experiencing a renaissance. It's more complicated than that.
whole foods coming to jersey city

Whole Foods Jersey City: Thoughts from the Editor

On Wednesday, Whole Foods officially announced their plans to open up shop in Jersey City. This is great news, but we do have a few questions about the proposal.