Meet Bone-In, the Company Delivering NJ Farms to Your Front Door

Jersey City Farm Delivery Bone In Foods
New Jersey cows. Photo courtesy Bone-In.

Imagine being able to shop the best farmer’s market, overflowing with organic offerings from local sustainable farms, online from the comfort of your couch all year long. Throw in next-day delivery and the dream becomes more than a reality; it becomes a business model.

From the farm to your front door: Bone-In brings nutrient dense provisions, produce, and prepared foods straight to consumers from farms across the Garden State, building an intrepid business on a mission to make clean, whole, and seasonal foods accessible to all.

Bone In Local Organic Farm Food Delivery New Jersey 1
At market. Photo courtesy Bone-In.

The protein offering is not only robust with beef, buffalo, and bison, as well as pork, lamb, and poultry, but also unique with goat, rabbit, venison, and even a limited rose (humanely raised) veal available. A complete dairy section offers whole milk, cheese (so much cheese!), handmade butter, and even ghee — a slow-rendered clarified butter. Yogurt and kefir are available as well. And the dairy offerings can be filtered by buffalo, cow, or goat.

Local grains and legumes plus bread and pasta can be ordered; a loaf of organic country sourdough, regular or rye, even comes sliced or not sliced, and other delicious options include polenta and red wheat berries. Seasonal produce has a colorful and continuously expanding selection while most arrives at your door within 24 hours of harvest, ensuring maximal freshness and nutritional integrity.

Bone In Local Organic Farm Food Delivery New Jersey 6
Seasonal produce. Photo courtesy Bone-In.

Bone-In sells bone broth, naturally, as well as items in more than two dozen categories, creating the possibility both for a full grocery cart and full meals made of nothing but local organic ingredients. From juices, vinegars, and cooking fats to coffee beans, natural sweeteners, and sauces, the basics are covered. Kimchi, a natural probiotic; prepared foods; and even pet food are available.

Bone In Organic Food Delivery New Jersey
Bone-In Founder, Ron Mirante. Photo courtesy Bone-In.

The concept was born out of necessity. Six years ago, Bone-In founder Ron Mirante’s health was in crisis. Suffering from severe inflammation, the chronic condition affected his muscles and joints and eventually put even his heart in danger. Ron was diagnosed with Still’s disease and began a massive course of corticosteroids which brought his body back from the brink, but he quickly understood he would have to challenge this stasis, rooting out the cause in the absence of a cure.

After much research and trial and error, Ron began to understand his poor diet of processed food since childhood was the culprit, so he set out to eat clean, and it was out of this desperate physical need that Bone-In was born.

Bone In Farm Delivery New Jersey
New Jersey chickens. Photo Courtesy Bone-In.

With a background in sustainable agriculture and landscape design, Ron was able to take Bone-In to the next level, forging strong partnerships with numerous sustainable New Jersey farms which also offers complete transparency — a knowing, as Ron describes it. Bone-In confirms each farm’s practices before partnering, guaranteeing free-range and/or pastoral grazing (which naturally aerates and fertilizes the ground for healthy and rich soil while preventing over-farming and arid conditions) and zero antibiotics, hormones, herbicides, and pesticides.

The idea of eating local, of not exceeding a 100-mile radius, is definitely part of the gourmet zeitgeist, but as Ron points out, just because it’s local doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Based very literally on the substantive benefits of the minerals and amino acids in bone broth, Bone-In has boiled it all down to a trusted network of sustainable farms and an accessible online marketplace, making it a no-brainer for the conscious consumer.

Most recently, Bone-In has set-up shop in a new commercial kitchen at Lima Family Farms in Hillsborough and also offers nutritional seminars in the area. Next-day delivery is available across multiple New Jersey counties, several times a week, and look for Bone-In at upcoming farmer’s markets in the region. For more information and ordering, visit



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