54 Bright Street Brings Jersey City Its First Living Moss Mural

54 bright street living mural jersey city
Credit: Jorge Mastropietro Architects Atelier / Sustainable Jersey City

54 Bright Street, by developer JMA Architects Atelier, is the site of the first exterior living green wall in Jersey City. The condo building, opening this spring, will also have a green roof which is a signature sustainable amenity of JMA developments.

Sustainable Jersey City (SJC), a coalition of green community groups founded in 2011, partnered with JMA to literally bring this project to life: “We need more Green Infrastructure in Jersey City and this is a fun way to merchandise that conversation,” says SJC founder Debra Italiano, and “the Moss Mural brings quality of life benefits to the community…encouraging more building owners to commission Moss Murals for their buildings, and also, [showing] how artist collaborations can be part of sustainability solutions for Jersey City.”

54 bright street living moss mural jersey city
Credit: Sustainable Jersey City

A green wall is what is considered Green Infrastructure (GI) which also includes rain gardens, bioswales (landscaping that traps silt from runoff water), trees and smarter tree pits, and green roofs. GI helps to manage stormwater, alleviating the strain on existing underground systems, and often results in city savings for taxpayers.

Green Infrastructure also cools buildings naturally and is one of the ways cities can combat climate change. And the Jersey City building boom is the best way to incorporate these environmentally and socially effective projects on a grand scale.

Jorge Mastropietro, owner of JMA and architect/developer of 54 Bright Street says, “I love this project as it is both aesthetically beautiful and it provides ecological benefits, which I am committed to in my work as a designer, and as a resident of Jersey City.”

Also part of this first-time green wall partnership were Amanda Levie, founder of No Peeking Theatre, and Joe Velez, a visual artist. Ms. Levie conceived of an artistic approach to sustainability and modern living years ago. And Mr. Velez, the artist on the scene, shared everyone’s enthusiasm and jumped at the chance, rising to the challenge of a new, but more intrinsic, medium.

Imagine the amount of new green space keeping pace with new development. JMA, SJC, and their conscious collaborators have the vision and planted the first seeds at 54 Bright Street, seeing more on the horizon than just a concrete jungle.


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