Year-Long Renovation Kicks Off at Jersey City’s Riverview Park

Riverview Fisk Park Renovation Jersey City Heights
The more than $2 million renovation of Riverview-Fisk Park in The Heights is underway and expects to be complete by February 2021. Photo by Chris Fry/Jersey Digs.

A prominent park in The Heights is one of the best spots to take in views of the New York City skyline, but construction vehicles will be part of the landscape over the next 12 months as improvements are made to the greenery.

Late last year, Jersey City’s council approved a $2.15 million contract to renovate Riverview-Fisk Park. The space has an extensive history that dates back well over a century and was built on land that was gifted to Jersey City by the Ogden family and Aaron Ogden, who served as both a United States senator and the governor of New Jersey during the early 1800s.

The historic park will be undergoing a modern revamp, as Ridgefield-based Adamo Brothers Construction has already set up trailers and some equipment along Palisade Avenue. Much of the park is set to be fenced off during the renovation except for the gazebo, basketball courts, and children’s playground areas.

The renovation will see an ornamental fountain built in the center of the park, while a long-neglected Bocce court near the cliffside will be completely renovated and include a prefabricated shade structure. Monuments in the park, including a memorial to Henry Hudson, will be restored during the overhaul while new furnishings will be installed throughout the space including decorative iron fencing, gates, large caliper trees, and a flagpole.

Riverview Fisk Park Renovation Jersey City Heights Fountain
New ornamental fountain. Plan via the City of Jersey City.

In addition to the surface improvements, the park’s underground will be upgraded as well. New foundations, conduit, water lines, drainage lines, and site grading are part of the project, as is the installation of a new water service line including meters, backflow preventers, ground hydrants, and an irrigation system.

Other work calls for landscaping, clearing and grubbing, select tree removal, excavation, new concrete sidewalks and curbs, and a splash pad installation. A CIT surface treatment aimed to increase slip resistance on existing concrete surfaces will also be applied as part of the work.

Riverview Fisk Park Renovation Jersey City Heights Aerial Plan
Full park renovation plan. Aerial view via the City of Jersey City.

Riverview Park’s renovation is certainly needed, but it means that the Riverview Farmers Market won’t be operating out of the park this year. However, they are still planning a full season for the upcoming summer and are currently weighing several locations where they intend to start operating in May.

Jersey City has informed the Riverview Neighborhood Association that they anticipate the park’s renovation will last until February 2021 and portions of the playgrounds will likely be subject to closures are some point, as repairs are scheduled at those facilities.


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  1. Much needed improvements especially the removal of diseased and dead trees. Fountain is a nice upgrade though my preference would be for more a modern looking fountain rather than the tradition design above.
    And thank God they’re restoring the bocce ball court! Huge upgrade! Excellent way of spending taxpayer money!

  2. Must be nice to live near King Fulop! So the history goes back to the Ogden family and our own king lives on Ogden. His thrown I’m sure will greatly appreciate once this renovation is completed. It’s good to be the king!!

  3. They cut way to many trees. i dont think all of them were sick trees. It is sad because it takes decades for trees to grow that big. Why would they demolish nature’s offerings…

  4. Of *course* they would make improvements at a park in *the Heights*!! Y’know, because they’re aren’t as much (or more) improvements needed at other areas/green spaces in Jersey City’s poorer neighborhoods 🙄

  5. Riverview Pk, by and large, by itself is nothing. They could spend $10 million or put down astroturf. The only thing that is noteworthy and unique is the open air view of Manhattan. As for the actual money being spent, get real, $2 million is chump change these days.

  6. XTC we know you live in the Heights and will support almost anything happening in the heights. But don’t deny that all the benefits coming your way has nothing to with King Fulop moving his castle to the heights. But your not fooling the rest of us in the forgotten neighborhoods.

  7. Riverview has needed rehab since Sandy blew though. At least 60% of the trees were diseased. Yes, I will support almost anything in the Heights as almost anything would be a big improvement! The $2 million is nothing. Berry Lane cost almost $40million. Journal Sq and the Heights had been behind the curve in development until Manhattan and Brooklyn priced out the middle class. The Greenville ghetto, arguably the nicest neighborhood in JC architecturally, hasn’t seen much attention (until recently) for the obvious reason. Like you always say, Dazed, it’s a matter of supply and demand.

  8. These improvements all sound wonderful! I’m curious if any consideration was given to including a dog park in the plans? For a neighborhood with 1000s of families with dogs, that remains an amenity that seems to continually fall by the wayside. I would even sign up for a couple of hours/week at the new “splash zone” being set aside for the pups. That would be so much fun, and a huge relief for the four-legged residents during the hot summer months!

  9. Actually, I feel the Heights has long been neglected. Just take a short walk north into Union City and you see a huge difference! Plenty of lights and new sidewalks that were recently cemented and then only a year or two later re-cemented again. You couldn’t tell we live in the same country, never mind the same county! They pour money into Union City and I couldn’t get the city to install a light on Palisade Avenue near the light rail!


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