The Highline has Nothing on Jersey City’s New Pedestrian Bridge


Liberty Bridge Jersey CityIt’s been mentioned time and again: Jersey City residents are fed up with traffic and unreliable mass transit between Northern NJ and Manhattan. Most feel that having an option to get from Jersey City to Manhattan by bike or foot would be a wonderful and much-needed transportation addition. Kevin Shane also felt this way so he decided to conceptualize a pedestrian bridge from Jersey City to Manhattan.

To get started, Shane met with neighbors, bridge engineers and builders, government officials and other experts to discuss his idea and gather feedback. Along the way, he was introduced to Jersey City architect Jeff Jordan.

They joined forces and created beautiful renderings that depict Liberty Bridge, a pedestrian footbridge from Jersey City to Battery Park. The bridge caters to commuters with an express walking lane and separate bike lane. Other highlights include providing a 200+ foot view over the Hudson and having the bridge be home to retail spaces, artwork, solar panels, benches, free wifi access, and more.

Rising from the abandoned ruins of the Pennsylvania Railway Embankment in Downtown Jersey City, the Liberty Bridge would extend up and over the Hudson River and into Lower Manhattan. Accessed by foot or bike, the bridge would provide an elevated park experience with unprecedented access and views of both cities for commuters, residents and tourists alike.

The bridge is envisioned as a pair of interwoven paths contained within a box truss frame. The paths are unique in their use and materiality with concrete handling direct, express movement for commuters and wood accommodating more leisurely outings. The paths are woven together horizontally and vertically with their relationship to each other reinforcing their use. The lower level concrete path is partially protected from the elements by the upper level wood path to help facilitate more pleasant, weather protected commuting. Meanwhile, the more exposed wood path takes advantage of dramatic views and an outward focus. Strips of vegetation and integrated seating would provide inviting buffers between the mixed uses while intermittent cafes and shops would generate additional vitality. The result is a 5,000 foot long, 200 foot high pedestrian park linking two great cities.

Creating Liberty Bridge is a huge undertaking. Kevin needs support from the community, politicians, financial backers, and others to make it a reality. He took the time to outline exactly how you can help, including an official petition you can sign to show support.

Liberty Bridge has the potential to provide a new and environmentally friendly way for thousands to commute to and from Manhattan and Jersey City every day. Show your support by getting involved and spreading the word today!


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