Jersey City-Based Jeff Jordan Architects Receives Residential Honor Award

Hillcrest House Newburgh Jeff Jordan front
Photo Credit: Jeff Jordan Architects

The New Jersey Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA-NJ) has awarded Jeff Jordan Architects with the Residential Honor Award in recognition of its work designing the Hillcrest House in Newburgh, New York.

Built in 1954, the Hillcrest House is a surviving example of mid-century modern design which emphasizes large open windows and open floor plans that embrace a connection with the outdoors. The owners of the property loved its casual, open living space and peaceful, wooded surroundings but felt the home itself was a bit dated. They enlisted Jeff Jordan Architects to refresh the home.

Hillcrest House Newburgh Jeff Jordan before after
Before & After | Photo Credit: Jeff Jordan Architects

Exterior walls in the main living space were replaced with floor to ceiling windows and sliding doors. Interior finishes were updated to a simple cedar toned palette that matches the exterior siding further unifying the interior and exterior. Epoxy white ceilings and floors work together to brighten the space up. They also chose to rearrange the kitchen, laundry, and mechanicals to allow for a broader range of viewing angles.

Hillcrest House Newburgh Jeff Jordan living featured
Photo Credit: Jeff Jordan Architects
Hillcrest House Newburgh Jeff Jordan kitchen
Photo Credit: Jeff Jordan Architects

“Jeff Jordan Architects is deserving of this recognition for their thoughtful and meticulous design of this unique residential project,” said Justin Mihalik, AIA, president of AIA-NJ. “The utilization of existing materials to unify the house’s built elements with the surrounding natural environment truly showcases the firm’s innovative approach.”

Hillcrest House Newburgh Jeff Jordan at night
Hillcrest House Newburgh Jeff Jordan kitchen

“We are honored to receive recognition for our design of the Hillcrest House and we want to thank everyone that was involved with the project,” said Jeff Jordan, Principle of Jeff Jordan Architects, LLC. “Our renovation of this home paid homage to its mid-century modern roots while simplifying and brightening the spaces to suit our clients’ contemporary aesthetic, creating a uniquely serene space.”

Based in Downtown Jersey City, Jeff Jordan Architects is known locally for their work on this Van Vorst Townhouse, the currently under construction York and Barrow, as well as the Liberty Bridge project.


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  1. My husband and I hired Jeff Jordan to renovate a 2 story 2-bedroom mid-century modern house in Jersey City. We also hired the contractor that he confidently recommended, one whom he had worked with for over 6-7 years. Jeff was on a first name basis with his contractor’s 2-person team and various subcontractors whom worked on our house. After a minimum of 3 missed dates we finally moved in to hundreds of thousands of dollars of construction defects, all of which we needed to hire a construction defect expert to document. The team that Jeff had worked with in the past was completely incapable of our renovation, which was a simple open floor plan with two bedrooms. His contractor was a glorified handyman and fix it team.
    We had explained to Jeff that this is our first home that we are building. We were not construction experts and needed to rely on him to make sure the construction was progressing according to his plans. And thus Jeff was paid additional for his construction admin services. Jeff somehow missed these and many other defects:
    The radiant heat was installed improperly, inefficiently, with many cold spots throughout the house. We have had to use the fireplace to take the chill off in our brand new home with brand new heating. Faulty installation of our siding that immediately voided our 25-year manufacturer’s warranty. Shoddy and cheap installation of 5″ oak floors with small pieces of wood and wood glue that has popped out everywhere. A shower that leaked the first and every time it was used. The wrong materials were used in a wet environment that led to us having to pay an additional $15K after move in to remove and replace. Misshapen wood work, walls and ceilings out of alignment, newly poured cement floor cracked after a month and radiant heating tubes lie visible just on the surface. The list goes on.
    When faced with this list of disasters Jeff was quick to point out he was not a project manager but a construction admin. We wish he had made that distinction any of the number of times we had previously referred to him as our project manager and not only in the end when faced with faulty construction and design on his watch.
    Jeff’s construction admin contract states that he would review contractor’s applications for payment on our behalf. He did not review one single invoice from his contractor to us for payment. If he had it would have been a good idea as it would have served as a checks and balances. We would have had the opportunity to withhold payment until the work was completed correctly and satisfactorily. As a result, we were overcharged for the quality of materials used, labor and construction. Exactly the kind of thing we were hoping to avoid by paying Jeff for his construction admin services.
    Jeff was also supposed to create a punch list at the point of substantial completion outlining deficient or incomplete work for the contractor to address. Jeff did not create this list. In fact, I had to beg Jeff to go by the site to check on the contractor and progress as my last move in date quickly approached. Jeff was supposed to make sure the contractor followed his plans. This did not happen as evidenced by the numerous construction defects we are now tasked to correct. Some of which are cost prohibitive to repair and or irreparable.
    We were also encouraged by Jeff to post a positive review of his services prior to construction being completed. We thought this was strange but he was a nice guy then and we had complied. It seems that he’s used this tactic with many of his clients in an effort to boost his ratings prior to having a finished product. We cannot recommend Jeff Jordan and his services. In fact, we implore you to look for professionals whom are adequately staffed and experienced.


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