Renderings Show a Supermarket is Planned for Jersey City Heights Development

345 Central Avenue The Heights Jersey City
Site of proposed development: 345 Central Avenue, The Heights, Jersey City. Photo via Google Maps/Street View.

Jersey Digs has learned more information about a proposed development in Jersey City Heights that we first told you about last month.

The planned five-story mixed-use project at 345 Central Avenue was approved in December by the Jersey City Zoning Board of Adjustment. The development, which is being designed by Jorge Mastropietro Architects Atelier (JMA), is expected to include 27 residential units along with a ground floor commercial space that will be occupied by a supermarket. Car parking will not be provided on the premises though spaces will be given for bicycles.

345 Central Avenue Jersey City Heights 1
345 Central Avenue, The Heights, Jersey City. Rendering via JMA.

“We think the density that this project brings to the area will be great for the neighborhood especially with transit options available,” said Ahmed Emara of JMA. “We also spoke with Central Avenue Special Improvement District and they very much like the idea of bringing high-quality rentals and a fresh food supermarket that can service the neighborhood.”

The grocery store could be run by the owner of the growing Fresh n Save Marketplace chain in New York, Emara told Jersey Digs. While the Jersey City location would be similar to those operated by the company in the outer boroughs, it will likely be operated under another name and sell some different items.

345 Central Avenue Jersey City Heights 2
345 Central Avenue, The Heights, Jersey City. Rendering via JMA.

This development is slated to consist of a mixture of adaptive reuse and new construction. The existing two-story brick building on the property, which has been occupied by businesses such as Rent-A-Center over the years, is set to remain and undergo a renovation. Meanwhile, the 40,955-square-foot building will not only be expanded vertically but also stretch around the corner to Lincoln Street, where a rooftop deck and green wall will be included. Inside, some of the units will contain two bedrooms while the rest feature one bedroom.

There are still several months before construction could begin at the site. The drawing and documentation phases are expected to last for up to four more months, according to Emara.

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    • i was thinking the same thing and was relieved when i saw it was already approved. thank god. Probably because it was outside their ‘jurisdiction”. they’re such assholes

        • Hi HeightsResi,

          The project has been approved by the zoning board. Per the 2nd paragraph “The planned five-story mixed-use project at 345 Central Avenue was approved in December by the Jersey City Zoning Board of Adjustment.”


  1. Fact of the matter is though, Jersey City is attracting a higher moneyed class of people, many of whom are not going to be driving cars. The market will be there for a better class supermarket than Stop and Shop, and more whiter than C-Town.

  2. I believe it would be good for the area because the heights (especially on Central Ave) is still A little run down. Also C Town is closing, so Stop & Shop will need competition or they will raise their retail prices.

  3. What about the other run doun empty stores on central ave are there more suprises on the horizon for the hieghts or for some people to line there pockets typical old school jersey city

  4. Good that they’re keeping the original facade, however the new construction on the upper floors seems a bit generic architecturally but certainly a much needed improvement on Desolation Row. Not yet sold on the Fresh and Save food mart as the reviews online on their Queens, NY store are pretty horrible. Crazy ass prices, moldy produce, and rotten meat. Thank you very much but I’ll purchase my pate’ de fois gras elsewhere.

  5. A food store is the last thing that’s needed on Central Avenue. There are plenty of greengrocers along Central. No favors there. Put a Greenwich Village old style cafe/bistro there instead. A place where people can sit and meet other people. A place to foster a community. Or do you really think that single people are going to spend a couple of grand in rent to live in a neighborhood with no place to go without having to travel to Hoboken or downtown.

  6. I haven’t been to JC for over 10 years now. I know that Tippy’s is no longer there. Does anyone know if Jule’s restaurant is still there? I always say that I’m going to fly back to see a friend of mine. Flights are not cheap! I love Florida, but, I find myself thinking about these places. Bond’s drugstore, Vinnie’s pizza on KB. I wish I could get a subscription to the Jersey Journal. I kinda miss the winters. I’m glad I found this site!

    • @john’s sister, you,ll have to come to tom,s river if you want to go to jule,s. Food is still great! Bond,s and vinnie,s still there. Christian jeweler,s gone.

  7. @John’s Sis- Jules has been gone for years. Damn, they made a killer manicotti. Tippy’s became a garden center and Louie, the owner, sold it for a pinch over 2mil to make way for luxury condos. I quite miss the Canton Tea House with private dining booths on Bergen Ave. Real Estate is the name of the game in every quarter of JC and business is booming. A 70 story residential skyscraper is under construction at Journal Sq.
    The Lowe’s Wonder Theatre (1929 !) still rules but needs major renovations. Four short films by a local guy will be shown this Saturday. Me, I miss the the alley next to the JS Path station that had the Tube Bar and the coming back from NY late night thick sliced Pizzeria. Roosevelt Stadium has been razed for condos. Saw The Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd and the Allmans. Saw Eric Clapton so stoned on smack he nodded off on stage. Those were different times.

  8. Jesus CHRIST…Can we get a goddamn decent supermarket up here in JC/Union City!? Where is OUR Trader Joe’s?? Better yet, a Wegman’s would be an effin’ godsend!!

  9. I think most people in the Heights with cars go to ShopRite and Trader Joe in Hoboken. But I do see some double parking in the street, at least Stop and Shop has some parking.


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