Plans Moving Forward for Redevelopment of Newark’s Paramount Theater

Paramount theater newark
Paramount Theater, Newark. Photo by Jared Kofsky/Jersey Digs.

The surge in development in Downtown Newark is reaching one of the city’s most iconic landmarks: the Paramount Theater.

The marquee of the Paramount is one of the best-known symbols of the state’s biggest city. Simply reading “Newark,” this ghost sign at 193-195 Market Street near the Prudential Center is regularly featured in articles discussing changes throughout the community. Now, major changes could be coming to the former theater itself since plans are advancing to redevelop and expand the structure into the neighborhood’s latest mixed-use development.

The Downtown Newark-based RBH Group, which is responsible for nearby Teachers Village and the proposed Four Corners Millennium Project, is seeking to begin construction early next year on redeveloping this property. The project involves preserving the facade of the Paramount while building a new structure behind it.

A spokesperson for the RBH Group confirmed to Jersey Digs that the company is currently in the process of designing the mixed-use development and explained that “we plan to restore the facade and redevelop into retail and housing, the retail component of which may even have a theater.”

Paramount Theater Development Plan Newark
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According to a listing posted last month by Hudson Real Estate out of Manhattan, the residential portion of the project is expected to include 220 units. The firm is currently marketing a “big box retail/commercial opportunity” for the upcoming development, stating in a flyer that 23,900 square feet of retail space will be available on the ground floor while 25,828 square feet would be for lease on the second story. Floor plans for the project show that a residential lobby and parking would also be included in the new building.

Although none remain open today, Newark was once home to multiple historic theaters like the Paramount. This venue opened its doors in 1886 as a vaudeville house called H.C. Miner’s Newark Theatre, according to Cinema Treasures, and was remodeled in 1917. In recent years, the interior of the theater has not been maintained and has sat unused, while the portion of the building at the street level below the marquee has contained stores over the years such as Dee’s Amazing Deals and Culture & Culture African Accessories. However, the entire structure is currently vacant as the RBH Group prepares to begin construction.


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  1. Preserving and incorporating that marquee into any new development should be, er, paramount. I have no interest in seeing PHARMACY in giant letters…

    • CHERIE I hear you . ..from the title of the story I thought that’s what it was going to be but I should have known it was just a just a bait and catch type of heading,….and then in the middle of story it says and we might put a theater in , yeah right

  2. Yes would it be so much to open back up an actual theater i mean that would be awesome …but no they want to keep adding more high rise developments..for the upper give Newark an image i get it ..make the city look a little richer…but what about the local residents.

    • I believe local residents will have more opportunities of jobs. And stepping up to a better style of life if they put an effort to it.

  3. Noooo… I hope the idea is preserve the history and keep the same thing … it’s part of Newark history and a good attraction to tourism … come on pharmacies??? Used to be beautiful that theater, I hope and i will help to rebuild if it’s necessary!!! Anything new?

  4. I’m from Short Hills.
    Do you REALLY expect any of us to risk our lives going DOWN into Newark to see a movie or a show?
    Dears, I do not wish to get shot or stabbed.

  5. Why would a movie theater in Newark need Short Hills residents to frequent it? Aren’t there movie theaters closer to Short Hills. And if I’m not mistaken, one from Short Hills need not travel to Newark to get shot or stabbed. Apparently, all you need to do is drive an expensive, foreign car to Short Hills mall!


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