Proposed Development Could add 135 Apartments next to Newark’s Ferry Plaza

33 35 Magazine Street Newark Nj Development Map
Site of proposed development: 33-35 Magazine Street in the East Ward of Newark’s Ironbound. Photo via the application.

More apartments could be coming to Newark’s Ironbound neighborhood should a new proposal be approved and fulfilled.

An application that was submitted to the City of Newark states that a six-story development with 135 residential units is being proposed for 33-35 Magazine Street by Vision Downtown Urban Renewal Co., LLC

There would be 64 parking spaces provided at the bottom of the building as part of the project along with “a seating area, dog run, sun deck, fire pit, pool, and play area” on the roof, according to the application.

33 35 Magazine Street Newark Nj Development Elevation
Plans for 33-35 Magazine Street, Newark. Elevations by Appel Design Group P.A. Architects via the City of Newark.

Site plans from Appel Design Group P.A. Architects that were released by Newark’s municipal government show that there would be 120 one-bedroom units and 15 two-bedroom units.

The premises are located in the East Ward next to the parking lot of Ferry Plaza, which includes the flagship store of the Seabra Foods supermarket chain, and are across the street from the relatively new 325 Ferry development.

33 35 Magazine Street Newark Nj Development Elevation 2
Plans for 33-35 Magazine Street, Newark. Elevations by Appel Design Group P.A. Architects via the City of Newark.

The application along with municipal tax filings lists the Atlanta-based Georgia-Pacific Corporation as the owner of 33-35 Magazine Street, which has become a largely vacant lot in recent years. A sign was posted in 2009 advertising an “environmental investigation/cleanup in progress at this site.”

Back in 1995, The New York Times reported that Ferry Plaza was being developed at the time and that it was being created on part of a site that included a Georgia-Pacific plant until the 1980s.

The Newark Zoning Board of Adjustment is slated to hear the plans for 33-35 Magazine Street during a virtual meeting on Thursday, April 29, at 6:00 p.m.

Note to readers: The dates that applications are scheduled to be heard by the Newark Zoning Board of Adjustment and other commissions are subject to change.

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  1. While I believe projects like this are the future of Newark, I’m noticing a disturbing trend in the renderings of many of the newest high-rise proposals, particularly Downtown. There appears to be a gravitation towards fortress-style edifices, by placing parking garages at street level. This approach not only silos the building occupants from the rest of the city, but it ignores the need for street-level retail. It also contravenes the City’s stated aim of relying more on public transit, by seemingly encouraging renters with vehicles.
    In its haste to redevelop her neighborhoods and Downtown, Newark mustn’t rubberstamp every proposal without making sure they’re good fits for the areas in which they’re proposed. This Administration must also demonstrate some restraint in the area of tax incentives and other financial inducements for developers.

  2. Never going to do away with PILOT, or payment in lieu of taxes, or tax abatements until critical mass is reached, and Newark isn’t even close to it as of yet. I remember in the mid eighties when Prudential was constructing Gateway 3, and they sought a Fox-Lance tax abatement and got it! Mind you, this is a multi- national, huge conglomerate that is worldwide, they take in billions in profits on a daily basis and they asked for and received a tax abatement. SMH

  3. And when it ran out, in 15 years, if I remember correctly, they asked for and received an extension for another 15 years!

  4. While the parking at street level may seem unwanted, this location is not in downtown & theres no mass transit option other than the 25? bus on Ferry st.

    It will be an abomination if the development by Penn Station has parking instead of retail

  5. Everything in Newark is an abomination and goes against the grain. Like I said before and I’ll say it again, Newark is an anomaly, an aberration from the norm, a cat of a totally different breed.

  6. Why are all these luxury building being put up in newark with little ta none affordable apartments in them bump the parking space what about affordable living for the residents of newark.point blank


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