The Skybox, an Innovative New Rooftop Technology, Makes its NJ Debut in Jersey City


This article is sponsored by Dixon Projects – a just-launched, full-service design-build firm operating in the NYC metro area. 

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Acquired in 2015, as a dated property with hidden potential, Dixon Projects seized the opportunity to capitalize on 705 Jersey Avenue’s scenic and private location in the historically-rich Hamilton Park neighborhood.

In order to enjoy the beautiful view of one of Jersey City’s most charming neighborhoods, Dixon Projects worked collaboratively with the Historic Preservation Council (HPC) to provide outdoor space while also selecting an innovative design solution which appropriately celebrates, rather than detracts, from these historic gems. Faced with the challenge of minimizing the appearance of modern materials on a historic home, Dixon turned to UK-based company, Glazing Vision, for a unique design solution: the skybox.

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What is a skybox? What appears to be a standard skylight, is actually a fully-operable enclosure that provides convenient rooftop access without the mass of a standard bulkhead. Dixon Projects’ Director of Project Management Gabe Felici shares, “From a historic preservation perspective, the skybox is a no-brainer.”

The skybox’s low profile and modest dimensions offer a discreet alternative to typically hulky and intrusive stair bulkheads, while maintaining the historic roofline and key architectural features of the original building. The discovery of the skybox, coupled with HPC’s expert guidance, allowed Dixon to maintain the home’s historical elements while updating it for modern living.

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This Jersey Avenue skybox became the first ever in New Jersey and another in Dixon Projects’ collection of Glazing Vision implementations. With plans to install these structures on several upcoming properties, the Dixon Projects team is encouraged by the success of New Jersey’s first skybox installation.

See New York’s first skybox at a historically-rich Harlem home to learn more about these innovative features. Looking for your own skybox? Request a free consultation with Dixon Projects and see how you can maximize your outdoor space today.


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