New Development Proposal Surfaces for Vacant Lots in Newark’s Clinton Hill Section

274 282 West Runyon Street Newark Nj Development 0000
Site of proposed development: 274-282 West Runyon Street, Newark. Photo via the application.

Four neighboring properties that have continued to sit vacant in a largely residential section of Newark’s South Ward might become the site of a new development should a proposal by their owner advance.

A company named 431 South Street Builders, LLC submitted an application to the city’s municipal government that describes a proposal for a five-story building at 274, 276-278, 280, and 282 West Runyon Street in the Clinton Hill neighborhood.

The document says that this multi-family development would include 29 residential units and that 29 parking spaces would be provided on the premises.

Six units in this 54-foot-tall structure would include one bedroom each, while 18 would each contain two bedrooms and five would each feature three bedrooms, according to site plans from CREARC, LLC that were released by the City of Newark.

274 282 West Runyon Street Newark Nj Development 0003
Proposed residential building. Site plans by CREARC, LLC via the City of Newark.

The Newark Zoning Board of Adjustment is scheduled to hear these plans, which include a request for multiple variances, during its Zoom meeting on Thursday, May 13, at 6:00 p.m.

274 282 West Runyon Street Newark Nj Development 0002
Site plans by CREARC, LLC via the City of Newark.

Located across from Ingraham Place, these tracts are situated closer to Irvington Center than they are to Downtown Newark. Municipal tax filings list 431 South Street Builders, LLC as the owner of all four parcels.

274 282 West Runyon Street Newark Nj Development 0001
Site plans by CREARC, LLC via the City of Newark.

This is not the first time in recent years that approvals have been sought for a multi-family development at this location. Back in 2016, another company applied to the board to bring a four-story building with two dozen units to the properties, but the site has remained undeveloped in the years since.

Note to readers: The dates that applications are scheduled to be heard by the Newark Zoning Board of Adjustment and other commissions are subject to change.


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  1. Please let me know when applications are ready square apartments in Newark I am a native on Newark I work in Newark I am 65 years old and I never can be picked thank you

  2. As you can read and see everything is happening in Jersey City. Newark’s reputation as a crime ridden, poverty stricken enclave of the poor is not too far from the truth. The city is cash strapped, and it’s dispensing free guaranteed money as an experiment while the fire department is riding around with 25 year old apparatus! SMH Enough with these entitlement program housing, Section 8, low income, etc…A city can not survive when a third of its population is on some form of public assistance. An aberration from the norm, an anomaly, it will not work. History repeats itself again. Let Jersey City be an example of a successful urban city.

  3. @JosephDeLuisi

    Indeed, the Communist Marxist anti-capitalist and anti- gentrification, code word among the African American community in Newark for white people, often substituted by the word “Outsiders”,
    Half field lyrics fate to become New Jersey’s second-largest City and be forgotten. Harrison and Bloomfield are positioning themselves to be alternatives for downtown Newark for all the non black “gentrification outsiders” that are unwelcome in Newark.
    Downtown Newark and Penn Station is essential, but since the racists in City Hall won’t let major developments that attract white & Asian hipsters and singles take place without forcing large percentages of low-income units causing lending institutions to walk away from the project!

    Riverfront Square died because Newark wanted it to die. Vibe will never happen. Halo will never happen. That 50 Story Tower proposed a cross from the new IHOP and City Hall will never happen. Any one of those projects would trigger a wave of gentrification around them. New Jersey wants a signature metropolis and gave up a Newark decades ago. That’s why Newport took place. Newark will never see a super tall. That Crown has permanently gone to Jersey City. Soon Jersey City will become the largest city in New Jersey with skyscrapers pointing to the sky while Newark insists limiting any developments No taller than three or 4 stories to match surrounding outdated blighted surroundings. As I stated before, don’t be surprised if census 2020 reveal to the city to be tied if not head of Newark.

  4. @Luis Arroyo
    Huh why must you ruin Newark for me. I see where you too are coming from and I agree, but I haven’t gave up on Newark yet. But everything you said is kinda true there are lots of great projects happening in the downtown area.

  5. “Newark’s reputation as a crime ridden, poverty stricken enclave of the poor is not too far from the truth.”
    Okay, fair argument..But at least we’re upfront about it, I doubt Jersey City actually has done anything about their poverty-stricken area since all they wanna do is drown it with nice buildings like NYC.
    Here in Newark we actually confront these issues unlike yall instead of drowning them under the pretty skyline.


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