New Owners Plan to Replace Multifamily Home in Jersey City with Development

24 Romaine Avenue Jersey City 2
Site of proposed development, 24 Romaine Avenue, Jersey City. Photo via Zillow.

Update: This item is no longer on tomorrow’s Zoning Board Agenda (9/20/18). It was carried to the October 4th meeting.

Not only does a multi-family house near Journal Square in Jersey City have new owners, but the structure itself could be replaced with a new building.

NJ Parcels records show that the four-family home at 24 Romaine Avenue, between Sip and Stuyvesant Avenues in Ward C, was acquired by a Hoboken-based LLC in February along with two neighboring properties for $1.25 million. However, the nearly 100-year-old two-story building is expected to be demolished, according to a legal notice. In its place, a new residential development is expected to rise. Few specifics have been released yet regarding the proposed project, but what is known is that it would include eight units should the necessary approvals be granted.

City records show that permits were sought last month in order for 4M Construction of Carteret to tear down the home that stands at the property. The Zoning Board of Approval is expected to vote on the developer’s application during an upcoming meeting on October 4th, 2018. Variances for use and height are being requested.

The property is located within a few blocks of Saint Peter’s University, the Journal Square Transportation Center, LaPointe Park, and Liberty High School.


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  1. this is a travesty. why would you destroy a beautiful old structure (albeit in disrepair) and bring in a bayonne box? people really have no clue about urban planning and maintaining the beauty and integrity of older neighborhoods.

  2. That property is beyond repair and structurally unsound. Additonally people keep abandoning garbage, cars, and other waste on the property which the owner gets fined on. This is not a beautiful old structure. I know because I sold it.

  3. I’ve seen much worse properties brought back to life, restored and saved. It could be a beautiful old structure. It would just cost more and not yield the same return so builders just knock them down. It’s cheaper and faster. Not your problem anymore, Chris. I don’t blame you one bit for getting top dollar on your investment. It’s still stings to see these old houses unappreciated and destroyed.

  4. These developers come to Jersey city and see dollar signs. I understand the house was old but I’m quite sure it could have been rehabbed. No one care about the people who were born and raised here who cannot afford to live in these extravagant homes being built and replaced. They are moving us out. No money for the homless,no place to put them. But plenty of money for new developments. They are turning Jersey City into a mini New York. They are making it affordable for the people coming from with high paying jobs who no longer can afford to live there so they are moving here and forcing the people who were born here,raised here and who helped build this city out. That’s just wrong on every level.

  5. I live on the block behind that house on Garrison Avenue. I’m pretty sure it’s already been demolished. It did seem to have plenty of potential to be restored into something beautiful

  6. The foundation was in disrepair and the inside of the building was falling apart. It would have cost far more money to try and restore it. This was sold in a package of 3 lots side by side.

  7. Tyeese, we live in a capitalist society. This is just a part of life. Developers build where they see a profit. There is no sinister plan. It’s best to accept the things you can’t change, have the courage to change the things you can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

  8. Call Maggie at historic commission. Dial 547
    5000 ask for her at planning div. I already have voiced my opinion on traring this.
    Old house down


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