GTL For the Win? Study Says New Jersey Most ‘Gym-Obsessed’ State in U.S.

New Jersey Most Gym Obsessed State
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The Jersey Shore cast might have been on to something when they coined their “gym, tan, laundry” catchphrase as a new analysis suggests New Jersey residents do indeed love at least that first part.

A new study from Fitness Volt claims that New Jersey is officially the most gym-obsessed state in America. The company, which provides online resources dedicated to strength sports, healthy eating, and exercise, drew that conclusion from an analysis of Google Trends data over the last 12 months for searches frequently used by gym-goers and often associated with fitness.

Those search terms were then combined to give each state a total score to discover the most and least gym-obsessed states in the country. New Jersey’s total score of 672 topped the list by a landslide as its population of internet users had the second-highest search levels for ‘gym’, and the sixth-highest number of searches for the phrase ‘yoga near me’.

Additionally, the study found New Jersey to be the state most interested in the workout exercise Pilates, having the highest number of searches for the term ‘Pilates near me’ in the country.

California, Hawaii, Arizona, and Florida took the other spots in the top five, with Garden State neighbors Connecticut and New York ranking sixth and seventh, respectively. South Dakota, North Dakota and West Virginia are apparently the least gym-obsessed states.

Fitness Volt’s study noted that only 53 percent of adults meet the CDC’s Physical Activity Guidelines for aerobic physical activity and claimed that their study provides some insight into which areas in the country are the most physically active and more interested in gym culture.

New Jersey’s #1 position comes as great news to residents looking to top lists ranking anything other than highest property taxes.


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