These Jersey City Homeowners Live as Nomads, Eat New York City Garbage

Jennifer Liepen Sandy Patch
Jennifer Liepen and Sandy Patch. Credit: Woof Woof NYC.

You’ve probably heard of people who own property purely to rent it out. Usually, the owner or owners live elsewhere. Well, one couple with digs in Jersey City is doing things a little differently.

Jennifer Liepen, 32, and Sandy Patch, 33, own a $345,000, four-bedroom house in New Jersey, but spend most of their time living a nomadic lifestyle across the Hudson River, they told the New York Post. Meanwhile, the house’s rooms are being rented on Airbnb for $60 a night, with one guest staying for free, in exchange for helping with upkeep.

Liepen and Patch are pet sitters, charging $30 a night for one dog or cat, and $5 more per additional pet, and they’re sleeping at their clients’ homes. They started their company, Woof Woof, in 2015.

This contributes to their weekly budget of $100. Their expenses include about $200 a year for Citi Bike memberships, $20 a month for Movie Pass memberships, $75 a month for a four-by-four-foot storage unit in Chelsea, and $75 a week for groceries. They sometimes spend even less on that because they often eat out of restaurants’ garbage cans.

They only pet sit a total of a few weeks each year. So, they spend the rest of the time traveling light and crashing at the homes of friends and family members.

“It’s a sustainable process that lets us pay the mortgage,” Liepen told the Post.

They expect to make a profit once they pay that off, in about 15 years.


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