57 and 59-Story High-Rises Planned for Jersey City Near Holland Tunnel

jersey city real estate development 560 580 marin blvd
560-580 Marin Blvd | Credit: Google Maps

Commuters and visitors to Manhattan could soon see a massive new mixed-use development with two high-rise towers as they enter or leave the Holland Tunnel.

According to City records, a new complex is planned for 560 and 580 Marin Boulevard, as well as 130-150 12th Street, in Jersey City’s Ward E. Two new buildings would be constructed, one of which would be 57 stories tall while the other would be 59 stories tall.

750 residential units are planned for the high-rises, as are “240,000 square feet of nonresidential uses.” 1,098 parking spaces would be provided on the premises, and Marin Boulevard is slated to be widened as part of the proposal.

The Fourteen Florence Street Corp., which owns the tract at 580 Marin Boulevard, is behind the proposal and has applied for Preliminary and Final Major Site Plan approval for the project. The other properties are owned by the Michael Angelo Warehouse Corp., according to NJ Parcels records.

The properties are situated between the eastbound and westbound lanes of Route 78 just west of the Holland Tunnel portals. In fact, the Holland Tunnel toll plaza is located adjacent to the 130-150 12th Street tract.

According to Emporis, all of the sites have long been used for commercial or industrial purposes, including by the Mecca and Sons Trucking Co., Inc. for truck storage and warehouse space, and by the Union Terminal Cold Storage Company for its former warehouse.

For five generations, the Mecca family has been an integral part of Jersey City’s industrial past. As the city shifts from its industrial roots, this project will be the pinnacle of the family’s long stint in the city.

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It was just revealed last month that one of the buildings is slated to feature “Jersey City’s largest mural yet,” which is currently being developed by Green Villain and Distort.

The Jersey City Planning Board is scheduled to hear the proposal during its meeting on Tuesday, August 15th at 5:30pm at the City Hall Council Chambers. A community meeting was held by the developer on August 2nd, according to a Facebook event listing, which states that no variances or deviations are sought.


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  1. 59 stories??? Is that really necessary? They are going to destroy the sky/skyline view and clutter our community. There should be a cap on the heights of these new buildings.

  2. completely unnecessary. totally out of place, and putting massive buildings literally next to the holland tunnel…really? as if there isn’t enough traffic/congestion there? this is no different than yesterday’s article of putting new apartments along 440’s busiest area. insanity.

    the NYC skyline is diminishing every day, it’s pretty sad. soon there will be very few places to actually see the skyline. and most places to see them will probably mean you need a lot of money to do so.

  3. OMG, when is the next meeting about this?? Have they approved it? 59 stories is madness. Who would even want to live next to the toll plaza?

  4. They should look at other plans in other states such as NC SC GA etc and see what works, these things are why many people as myself left jersey City years ago. Plan something beautiful not something that’s going to cram people like sardines!


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