12-Unit Building Planned For Latin Lounge Site In Jersey City

latin lounge 369 371 2nd Street development jersey city
Credit: Google Street View

A residential building is expected to rise at 369-371 2nd Street, between Monmouth Street and Brunswick Street, in The Village, one of the city’s fastest growing neighborhoods.

J&B 369-371, LLC, which is operated by BGT Enterprises, is responsible for the proposal, which calls for a four-story building with 12 residential units. No parking will be provided on the premises. In September 2016, the developer was granted preliminary and final major site plan approval (with conditions) with variances for use and height, but it is not yet known when construction will begin.

Currently, the property contains a three-story residential building and a two-story building that, until recently, was occupied by the Latin Lounge Sports Bar, described by BGT Enterprises Managing Partner Ben Torrei as a “public nuisance.”

Although BGT acquired the Latin Lounge’s liquor license, Torrei tells Jersey Digs that “there are absolutely zero plans for this location to become a bar in the future,” adding that “this use more fits the community, and news that we have shut down the Latin Lounge should come as a great relief to the community that has been affected by them for so many years.”

Residents of the new building will be within close walking distance of the Grove Street PATH Station, NJ Transit Buses 80, 82, and 86, Mary Benson Park, and the Newark Avenue business district.


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  1. Sad to see another jersey city relic go, but happy to see an improvement to the neighborhood.

    I’m a jersey city native. Stop calling Downtown the Village. The only real village is in manhattan.

      • Calling Downtown Jersey City is a made up name by a bunch of non-jersey city natives. Don’t get me wrong. I welcome these outsiders in how much they’re improving this town. But calling it the village is just so fabricated, artificial, manufactured and pretentious. And you are wrong. The Village is the real name of the place called Greenwich Village. Please tell me where the heck you see Village in the name Jersey City….. pretentious….

        • The downtown portion of Jersey City being called The Village dates back to the 50s and 60s… it’s not a new thing and it’s from JC natives. There was an old mural that even said THE VILLAGE near Ferris High School that had been there for decades up until the late 90s, early 2000s.

  2. Jonathon , that area was always called the village. I have been in JC all my life and 35 of my 41 years were downtown . It was the Italian Village There was a mural near Ferris high-school for many years with a sun on it. “welcoming you to the village.”

    • Exactly these younger residents dont know about that. Shouldve left it as Italian Village. Yes and furthermore the Latin Lounge was a neighborhood lounge. Relax.

  3. It wasn’t called the village when i was a child and had a mural next to ferris high school that said “welcome to
    The village”. Latin Lounge was great. All the yupsters that came to my city and took it over with the help of Mayor Ful of shyt, have no clue of the history of this place that used to be called Rivera’s!! Don’t assume you know shyt about Chillyown JC, cause you don’t!!!

  4. I remember it as Rivera’s. Had a great time there . Don’t recall it ever being referred to as a nuisance. That part of Downtown was known as the Village. If you were Latino, it was also referred to as El Barrio Italiano. It was part of a well-established Italian-American enclave. Ben Torrei calls the Latin Lounge a “public nuisance.” He might be trying to curry favor with the powers-that-be yo get approval for a 12-unit building. Just don’t see how that doesn’t add to the density on that block.

  5. Clearly none of you live on 2nd street because we all hate you and your bar. I live across the street and Latin Lounge has been a plague on my life since I moved here 3 years ago. Fights breaking out, screaming, cops get called almost on a weekly basis. I work on the weekends and need to sleep, which doesn’t happen because of this place. This is the best thing that has ever happened! Bye bye assholes!

  6. I wish the loudmouth nosy old fat lady who lives in the house across the street from Latin lounge would move, me and my wife hate passing there walking to out house, she’s annoying


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