Five-Story Development Planned for West 25th Street in Bayonne

39 43 West 25th Street Bayonne
Site of proposed development: 39-43 West 25th Street, Bayonne. Photo via Google Maps/Street View.

As Bayonne continues to follow in the footsteps of its neighbor to the north, a vacant lot near the Hudson County city’s main business district could be replaced with a new development.

The property at 39-43 West 25th Street, which is located between Broadway and Avenue C, is where a five-story building could be constructed. The site is situated near Forum Fitness and the ShopRite of Bayonne. TFG 39-43 W. 25th Urban Renewal, LLC of Teaneck is behind the proposed development, which could include 40 residential units and “rooftop amenities,” according to a legal notice. 40 parking spaces would be provided on the premises, including mechanical and stacked parking. The building is expected to rise 72 feet above West 25th Street.

It is not immediately clear who is behind TFG 39-43 W. 25th Urban Renewal, LLC since the company’s “office address” that is referenced in municipal paperwork is actually the address of The UPS Store’s location on Cedar Lane in Teaneck.

The proposal was expected to go before the Bayonne Planning Board on May 14, since the developer applied for Preliminary and Final Major Site Plan approval with exceptions related to parking.

However, the plans for this building have been in the works for longer than just this year. City records show that in May 2018, the Bayonne Municipal Council designated TFG 39-43 W. 25th Urban Renewal, LLC as the official redeveloper of 39-43 West 25th Street and authorized that a redevelopment agreement be prepared at the time. A year earlier, the Council ordered the Bayonne Planning Board to “prepare and review a redevelopment plan” for the site and then “make recommendations to the Municipal Council in accordance with the Redevelopment Law.” The plan was adopted in January 2018.



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  1. Seriously? We are a peninsula, tons of water side property, and these developers want to build high rises in middle of town ? For what ? to pay $4000 a month to overlook someone’s private yard?? Stupid.
    Build by the water , not in town by private one and two family homes !!!

  2. It is getting way to crowded. Are they adding more light rail trains? When those buildings get done on Ave E
    the congestion will be to high. Why pay that munch when you can live in JC?

  3. Well development is a good thing but wait a minute…. they are putting way too many luxury condos in Bayonne area
    I don’t know but only one thing sure is that many people who are renting are all gonna get screwed because price is gonna keep going up of course it will never go down we need more affordable units not luxury one

  4. Seems like the Bayonne is moving away from the family orientated community. Setting sites on a different culture that can and will pay NY rental space rates and slightly more space.
    Schools are over crowded with class sized of 25+ making it impossibe for any teacher to provide any individual student support.

    It’s a shame to see how fast the culture has changed.

  5. This all goes back as far as when DORIA was in office. good old “SON OF SANDWHICH” set the tone of what was going to happen to Bayonne .as he stuffed his face good old mayor tubs -a-fun robbed the city blind!! he let it be know Bayonne was for sale to ANYBODY who had the cash to put in his hands . he said “f” you to the people of Bayonne ……ok Bayonne now it is time to pay up or shut up


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