Lenox Jersey City Parking Vault

Lenox in Paulus Hook Has Jersey City’s First Automated Parking Garage

The future is now in Jersey City, where one development has a parking system that eliminates the human factor and leaves your seat right where you left it.
newark tech week 2017

Save The Date For Newark’s Tech Week

Newark Tech Week returns October 18th, during which the city will be celebrating their growth, innovation, and culture.
newark top tech market silicon city

Newark Rises in Rank as Top Tech Market

Newark is hot on the heels of established cyber cities like San Francisco and Seattle thanks to its continued commitment to tech.
equal space coworking 2 gateway center newark

Public SPACE Brings Newark’s Creative Tech Entrepreneurs Together

Newark’s tech scene just gained a new collaborative workspace that will connect innovators and the public in the Downtown Arts and Business district.
aerofarms newark

Kale Grows in Newark: AeroFarms Building World’s Largest Indoor Vertical Farm

AeroFarms, an urban farming company, is preparing to open another facility in Newark that will become the largest indoor vertical farm in the world.

Playing Tetris with Cars: Hoboken’s Parking Garage of the Future

Parking garages are a nuisance. They’re costly to build, unsightly, and occupy prime real estate. Developers would love to reduce parking requirements to free up space for more units or more amenities. But the community isn’t having it. Well, this company thinks they've solved the parking problem.