Rolando Lavarro Jersey City Councilman

The State of Development in Jersey City, a Chat with City Council President Rolando...

How does Jersey City’s Council President feel about development and the direction the city is going in? Our interview sheds lights on the candidate’s positions.
essex county jail 285 new street newark

Will the Abandoned Essex County Jail Be Torn Down?

City officials say that the structure "poses a danger," but that there are no funds to tear it down.
jersey city affordable housing steven fulop

Is Jersey City Doing Enough to Stay Affordable?

Both candidates in the city’s mayoral race discuss affordable housing, what’s currently being done to support it, and what they want to see moving forward.
steven fulop bob menendez

As Prosecution Rests, Will Senator Bob Menendez Stay or Will He Go?

The result of the senator’s corruption trial remains to be seen, but the conclusion could have a potentially large effect on New Jersey’s congressional representation over the next year.
union dry dock

Hoboken’s Council Takes a Step Towards Acquiring Union Dry Dock

The council voted 8-1 last week in favor of moving forward on the purchase or eminent domain of the waterfront property, which would be used as open space.
carmelo garcia Baye Adofo Wilson newark deputy mayor

EXCLUSIVE: Garcia Replaces Adofo-Wilson as Newark’s Deputy Mayor for Economic and Housing Development

Carmelo Garcia, previously of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation and the Hoboken Housing Authority, is taking Baye Adofo-Wilson’s position at Newark City Hall.
oyster creek nuclear plant shutting down

As Nuclear Power Plant Closes, What is Lacey Township’s Economic Future Like?

The Ocean County community is seeking input on Wednesday as Oyster Creek shuts down.
shoprite 206 springfield ave newark 2 million grant

Money for a Marketplace: Why Did Newark Give $2 Million to ShopRite?

The ShopRite of Newark received a $2 million grant from the City of Newark more than a year after the store opened.
newark waterfront rezoning

Zoning Changes Could Bring Taller Buildings Near Newark’s Waterfront

Buildings in Newark neighborhoods along the Passaic River could soon rise up to 40 stories.
hackensack new jersey liquor license permits

Proposed Bill Would Allow for Additional Liquor Permits in Redevelopment Areas

A new Assembly Bill will help small restaurants in qualified districts purchase liquor licenses that would otherwise be too expensive.