Vintage Coca Cola Ad Long Branch

Vintage Coca-Cola Ad Discovered in Long Branch, Viewing Party to be Held This Week

A long-hidden advertisement that recently emerged in Long Branch has been safely preserved and a community event unveiling the history will be held later this week.
606 Newark Avenue Ghost Sign Jersey City

Old History Revealed as New Hudson County Courthouse Moves Forward in Jersey City

Demolition work is underway on several Journal Square lots that will eventually host a new courthouse, and a ghost sign from the past was uncovered before being demolished.
Hoboken Signs Jersey Digs Feature Image

The Ghosts of Hoboken: Historic Signs from a Bygone Era in the Mile-Square City

The Mile Square City has evolved quite a bit over the last few decades, but many signs on historic buildings remind passersby of businesses that once called Hoboken home.
Jersey City Historic Ghost Signs 8

The Ghosts of Jersey City: Exploring More of the City’s Vintage Ads

These vintage relics advertising businesses, products, and services from years ago are a visual reminder of Jersey City’s past.
ghost signs trenton new jersey 1

The Ghosts of Trenton: Signs Help Tell the Story of New Jersey’s Capital City

Trenton, New Jersey is filled with ‘ghost signs’ advertising organizations and businesses that once operated within the city.
jersey city ghost signs 4

The Ghosts of Jersey City: The History Behind the Signs

You may pass them daily, but here is the story behind the companies featured in some prominent fading signs in Jersey City.
Coleman National Business College newark history sign

The Ghosts of Newark: Signs From Another Era Still Dot the City

New Jersey’s largest city is literally filled with signs of its prosperous past. Curiosity got the best of us, so we dug up the history of some of the city's more prominent ghost signs.