Three More Massive High-Rises Planned for Journal Square

35 Cottage Street Jersey City
Site of proposed reconstruction and first high-rise development, 35 Cottage Street, Jersey City. Photo via Google Maps/Street View.

Plans for one of the largest developments to ever be proposed for Jersey City’s Journal Square neighborhood have just been revealed.

A company out of Great Neck, Long Island is seeking to build a massive project in three phases along two largely residential blocks in the middle of Ward C. Records from the Jersey City Redevelopment Agency (JCRA) show that the Namdar Group’s plans involve constructing a new pedestrian plaza called the Homestead Walkway from Van Reipen Avenue to Cottage Street, which would likely be an extension of nearby Homestead Place. Then, the company plans on developing three buildings that would contain close to 750 residential units on the surrounding properties.

The first phase of the Namdar Group’s proposal calls for a “reconstruction” of the Congregation Sons of Israel synagogue at 35 Cottage Street and the new construction of a 27-story building with around 350 units. Subsequently, a 220-unit building would rise 25 stories above 26 and 28 Van Reipen Avenue, and finally, a 20-story building would bring 180 units to 26 and 28 Cottage Street. All of these towers would include retail space on the first floor.

The properties at 26 and 28 Cottage Street currently contain a two-story multifamily building and a three-story multifamily building. They were acquired by a company called 26-28 Cottage, LLC last November for $925,000, according to NJ Parcels records.

26 28 Cottage Street Jersey City
Site of second proposed high-rise development, 26 & 28 Cottage Street, Jersey City. Photo via Google Maps/Street View.

Meanwhile, the Van Reipen site was purchased by an LLC that is registered out of Namdar’s Great Neck office in 2016 for $3.125 million. The property is currently a vacant lot surrounded by fencing. A house that used to occupy the tract was demolished within the last decade.

26 28 Van Reipen Avenue Jersey City
Site of third proposed high-rise development, 26-28 Van Reipen Avenue, Jersey City. Photo via Google Maps/Street View.

This plan differs from most proposals in the region of this magnitude in that it involves transforming a quiet residential community into a major population center with some of the city’s tallest buildings. Although the first tower of Journal Squared is clearly visible just two blocks away from these properties, Van Reipen Avenue and Cottage Street mostly contain two-story and three-story homes. Most buildings of the size that Namdar is planning to construct on these properties are typically proposed for lots that are along heavily traveled corridors like John F. Kennedy Boulevard or in the midst of business districts like Downtown Newark. Despite this, the JCRA’s resolution states that Namdar will comply with all zoning requirements and that the development “will be designed to complement the surrounding neighborhood.”

The project has already cleared its first hurdle since the JCRA’s Board of Commissioners voted to designate Namdar as the redeveloper of all five properties during its February 20th meeting. However, the proposal still must go before the Jersey City Planning Board during a hearing, at which time the public will be able to weigh in.


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  1. Great! JSQ needs it…I’m sure at some point it was a beautiful area until all the old homes got ravaged back in the day so seeing new buildings going up in this area is great!

    Still the elephant in the room is the PATH and potential nightmare-ish commute to NYC once all these buildings are up and running with thousands of new residents now taking the PATH. I would hope there are some plans in place, haven’t heard anything substantial, otherwise get ready to pack the PATH cars daily like a can of sardines!

    • Hopefully they are expending the path to the airport along with more trains and putting more cars on each train as per what I read coming from port authority …
      But this is great news! With more of this coming, and more lots being built on, the area will no longer look like a war zone on some blocks lol …

      • The extension to Newark Airport will be amazing for travel but it’s going to add a TON of other commuters who will now be going directly to the airport on the WTC line. Also there is a massive development boom going on in Newark as well adding even more commuters once that area is fully up and running.

        I’m hopeful there are some plans in place, but it’s definitely a major concern. On those afternoons I’m squashed against the door on the JSQ line, all I think about is 1 JSQ going up, two more Journal Squared towers, buildings going up in Newark, and all these other buildings…oh and don’t forget all the development still going up in downtown…hard to imagine the PATH not being overwhelmingly packed!

        • If they add many more trains with added carts will be fine, also more riders bring more money, and more reason to expand further. However this is only during rush hour we are mentioning … other times Path trains are riding empty … Plus by the way, some developments are now offering a shuttle directly to NYC and skip the Path all together…

          • I agree but I remember this topic coming up at a community meeting with Fulop a few months ago and he said they didn’t have the capacity to add more trains on the tracks. They were looking to add two additional cars to each existing train, which would help but not sure it would fully fix the issue. I don’t think they can just keep adding trains without a major upgrade to the system.

            Now I’m no PATH or train expert so I could be wrong. I agree right now it’s mainly issue at rush hour, not off hours. But with potentially tens of thousands of new residents coming within the next 5 years…that could change. The main issue is JC doesn’t manage the PATH and PA does so it’s a constant battle for budget…etc.

    • I’m guessing that expanding platforms to add just one car would cost probably $800 million. I’m probably being too conservative.

      • I remember 15 years ago you could get on the path when on rush hours and we’re guaranteed a seat getting on from journal square and feeling so lucky the path system was such a more comfortable ride than the NYC subways.

  2. Too much development, now that the JSQ area is considered ‘hot’ – without additional transportation services to support all of it. The PATH is jammed by the time it leaves JSQ on both the 33rd and the WTC lines. I know they’ve increased service by decreasing the intervals between trains but c’mon! This is no longer adequate. And just wait till the other projected towers are built out. It is an untenable situation and it should be reviewed NOW!

  3. The area needs a supermarket NOT a high rise! I’m sure 20-30 tax abatement. Will any units be available to low income residents?

    • That stuff comes after the development is done, first residents need to move in, then businesses start to pop up. A supermarket is not going to come into an area were buildings are just starting to break ground. Makes more sense to do it after it’s done and proven that the market demand is there.

  4. While I support development around Journal Square, these towers (though modest by comparison to Journal Squared) are inappropriate and out of scale. in the middle of a block of 2-3 story houses, it’s obnoxious to build a 20-27 story tower. All over town, there are 5-6 story apartment houses in the midst of similar blocks, and even those change the scale. I think buildings maybe up to 7 stories would be better for a block like this, maybe with townhouses on lower floors. The condos and rentals in uptown Hoboken are good examples, with facade designs which minimize scale and make an effort to complement the block aesthetic.

    • Most of them are already bought by these developers … sooner or later that block to Newark avenue are going to be all buildings…

  5. We need supermarket in jsq ASAP and also low housing in this big apt buildings and more buses to different location and towns there is no straight bus from jsq to newport mall why not? Thousands of people travel from jsq to new port every day if nj transit or any company will start bus service it will be great we don’t have to take small van service which sometimes smelly no ac no heat pl bus company start this service soon

  6. My name is Paul .im a. Construction worker. N read blue prints for over 25 yrs. Looking for work in jersey city .call me 570-223-7770. Thank you


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