Weekend Walks: A Photographic Tour of Hamilton Park


Weekend Walks is our weekend column where we explore the photographic beauty of various neighborhoods through the lenses of history, architecture and commerce.

hamilton park jersey city spring

Hamilton Park is a neighborhood in downtown Jersey City. The entire area was purchased by John B. Coles, a flour merchant, in 1804. Coles proposed creating a park in 1827, naming it after Alexander Hamilton, whom infamously lost a duel to Aaron Burr years earlier. After years of disagreements with the city over the ownership of the park, it was finally landscaped in 1851. The development of the area around the park started soon after.

The Hamilton Park Historic District was created in 1979 to protect many of the Victorian Brownstones surrounding the park.

hamilton park jersey city jersey ave victorian townhouses

hamilton park jersey city brownstone iron porcheshamilton park jersey city jersey ave liquors

hamilton park jersey city st anthonys polish church
St. Anthony’s Polish Church

hamilton park jersey city police depthamilton park jersey city neon sign drugs

hamilton park jersey city yellow doorhamilton park jersey city victorian homes front porches

hamilton park jersey city enos jones skate park
Enos Jones Skate Park

hamilton park jersey city street art

hamilton park jersey city sb penick brick bldg
S.B. Penick & Co

S.B. Penick & Co was a pharmaceutical research, manufacturing and distribution company originally based in North Carolina. With the outbreak of World War I, the demand for pharmaceuticals increased significantly and the company opened a New York location. Two years later it outgrew its NY operation and moved the plant to Jersey City.

hamilton park jersey city sb penick arch
Loading bay at S.B Penick & Co
hamilton park jersey city hamilton house
Hamilton House

Hamilton House, a brand-new luxury rental community.

Shepard Fairey Natural Springs
Shepard Fairey’s Natural Springs Mural

hamilton park jersey city white house


hamilton park jersey city centenary
The Centenary
hamilton park jersey city bodega
Albert’s Grocery

hamilton park jersey city art

jersey city restaurants hamilton pork
Hamilton Pork
hamilton park jersey city open your mind
Free your mind


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  1. happy to report that the graffiti has been removed from that storefront. I do see the same graffiti appearing on other buildings…any idea what it means ?


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