Teresa Giudice and Boyfriend Buy a New NJ Mansion

Rhonj Teresa Giudice Buys Clarence Manor Montville Nj 2
Real Housewife Teresa Giudice and her boyfriend buy Clarence Manor, a mansion in Montville, New Jersey. Photo via the listing by Coldwell Banker Realty – Fort Lee Office.

While it has been a challenging few years for one of the original cast members on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” 2021 has apparently begun on a high note with the purchase of a sprawling new home in an exclusive neighborhood.

Teresa Giudice and her boyfriend, Luis Ruelas of Allendale, have reportedly bought a $3.35 million home in the Morris County town of Montville. TMZ first detailed the transaction, with the outlet reporting that Ruelas has plunked down the cash for the home where Giudice will likely act as the property manager.

Rhonj Teresa Giudice Buys Clarence Manor Montville Nj 1
Main entry. Photo via the listing by Coldwell Banker Realty – Fort Lee Office.

The home, which is referred to as Clarence Manor, sits on over 5.6 acres of land and includes 7,728 square feet of indoor living space. Built in 2006, the mansion was modeled after Thomas Kinkade’s “Beyond Summer Gate” painting.

Entered through a private gated driveway, the interior of Clarence Manor includes seven bedrooms plus seven and a half baths. A fully finished lower level contains a home theater, exercise facility, and recreation room, while a full eat-in kitchen, library, office space, and formal living and dining rooms round out the first floor.

Rhonj Teresa Giudice Buys Clarence Manor Montville Nj 4
Kitchen. Photo via the listing by Coldwell Banker Realty – Fort Lee Office.
Rhonj Teresa Giudice Buys Clarence Manor Montville Nj 3
Theater room. Photo via the listing by Coldwell Banker Realty – Fort Lee Office.

Several fireplaces and a massive spiral staircase are featured at the property, which sports a six-car detached garage and a pool that is decked out with waterfalls, a slide, and a cabana. Property taxes at the spacious home run a whopping $74,040 per year.

Rhonj Teresa Giudice Buys Clarence Manor Montville Nj 5
Living area. Photo via the listing by Coldwell Banker Realty – Fort Lee Office.
Rhonj Teresa Giudice Buys Clarence Manor Montville Nj 6
Swimming pool. Photo via the listing by Coldwell Banker Realty – Fort Lee Office.

It is unclear if Giudice and Ruelas plan to live at the property or will try and flip it as an investment. The previous owner of the house first tried to sell it in November 2017, initially listing the home for $3.99 million.

Montville is also the location of Giudice’s mansion, which was used as a setting on the Bravo reality show for years. That 9,765-square-foot property is still on the market at $2.5 million and is co-owned by Joe Giudice, whom Teresa officially divorced last September.

The former couple, who were married for 20 years, was indicted by state officials in 2013 over various fraud allegations. The pair ended up being sentenced to prison just about two years later, with Joe Giudice later being deported to Italy.


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  1. Please refrain from including these useless “housewife” criminals in future postings. It sours me on reading your site.

  2. Good for her after the way joe treated her about time she let creepo go she can experience some normalacy hopefully and her daughters are turning out just fine

  3. In response to the very inappropriate & unacceptable remarks left here regarding Teresa Giudice;
    TERESA has handled the unfortunate situation she was placed in as best as she or anyone else possibly could. Teresa has been extremely honest & straightforward to the media & everyone seeking answers about her involvement & what took place, and should be commended for how she handled an awkward, unexpected matter which turned her life into turmoil.
    Without a doubt, Teresa has been a role-model example to her daughters & all of us in how to handle a difficult situation.
    Her daughters will be stronger & smarter as adults because of the wonderful mother they have & the wonderful mother Teresa continues to be. Teresa’s handling of this whole situation is
    role model for certain to her daughters.
    If you don’t know the facts involved,
    please don’t respond with such hostility, negitivity,
    & cruelty.

  4. Teresa has handled all of these unfortunate situations with dignity and grace. She is a wonderful mother to her precious girls and shame on anyone who says different.

  5. How anyone has the nerve to talk about someone else’s parenting skills when their own parents didn’t even teach them the iconic rule of “if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all”, is just silly.

  6. @J.Thomas, please keep your opinion to yourself, others have the right to speak there’s,i for one, think Teresa , is a lowdown dirty person, her and Joe, she knew he was a crock, just like herself, earlier seasons commenting about, living in anothers house, and paying everything in cash, what a liar and crock, setting a terrible example for her kids, now uprooting them and moving in with another man( unmarried), what a wh#[email protected]!

  7. please, Teresa is just what everyone else has describe her as, what a lowdown dirty SKANK she is , a pitiful poor excuse for a mother, her and Joe are terrible people and poor excuses for parents, they knew what they was doing, Teresa paying for very large purchases in cash, everyone knew after that , that something was’t clean in the milk, now she moving in with a man she probably knows little to nothing about, Gee, what a poor example she is setting for 4 daughters, no wonder Jackie said Gia’s doing things at parties , she probably is, Teresa is doing things at parties, and that little de#il Melania, oh my goodness she gonna go buck wild now, Teresa is leaving RHONJ soon anyway, it’s time, she old looking and tired looking, she a backstabbing so call friend to everyone, once a Tra#p always a Tra#P!!!

  8. Wait wait. Theresa was just as much to blame as her ex-husband but she continues to live a lavish life while he has been deported. She should have received equal punishment!

  9. She blamed the criminal act on her husband while all along she knew exactly what she was doing. All past episodes show that. She was literally “A partner in crime”, stating she didn’t know what she signed! She’s extremely jealous of other cast members and tries to ruin their lives!

  10. Cher it just sounds like you’re jealous to me!!!… and Lilia doesn’t get the same punishment because she became an American citizen his dumbass never went and done it he put her in a situation that she knew nothing about until he told her that they had to file for bankruptcy you guys are so ignorant haters that’s what you guys are Teresa has been through enough just leave her alone.

  11. Cher it seems to me you’re nothing but jealous… She paid iff all his debt when she found out they were in trouble she went right to work… Paid all the legal fees paid off the bankruptcy everything she does she does for her daughters… Cher you are pathetic why don’t you get a life you sound bitter bitch… she’s written 5 cookbooks 2 self-help books and has her bellini drink… if that’s not a good role model teaching your daughters that you can do whatever you want to do if you put your mind to it then I don’t know what is… You are broken and bitter get a life😂😂😂

  12. Wow. From what I see Teresa has paid off the debt. Also remember this is reality TV and shane on comment’s about children.

  13. Yes it all looks and sounds horrific. Truth is we the people out here really don’t know the Real Deal or whole story. We basically know Only what was allowed us to know. So No Judgements here on my end. I feel that as a mom, she is trying very hard to stay a float. But she too like her X
    Has feelings and needs. I do agree that she needs to talk to Andy, and have him protray for who she really is. I can’t truly believe she is that mean, heartless 💔.

  14. “You can suck it if you want too”… As “They” say! 🤣🤣🤣
    @Trevor Teeters, @Maria, @Cher, @Lilia….Bitter much? Get a life & hope you are happy!
    Live & Let Live, Love Life!

  15. Wow.. This is a lot to read. But I gotta this. Do I think Teresa has been through a lot? Yes. She did her time. But her actions lately ok. The show towards other people have been so messed up and she starts shit and doesn’t want to take responsibility for her actions. She obviously doesn’t understand what Jackie was trying to say. Do I think Jackie was wrong for saying Gia? Yes. Don’t bring kids into it. But when you have someone like Teresa who won’t listen the minute her kids name is said it’s a wrap. I think people give her to excuse her actions to much because of what she has been through and the BS. She is not the only one on this planet who has gone through that shit and she won’t be the last. So move one from it. Now as far as her buying a home with this new boyfriend. I think she is Nuts. Her daughter’s have only seen her with one man there whole life. Now you are trusting someone you have only known for a short time around you daughters. To live in the same house. From a single mother eyes you need to check ya self. You are sending your children the wrong message. I get you have been alone for a few years. But damn you gonna put your self back in a financial situation with someone you know for five minutes. I hope she is happy. But for her kids sake she should think better.

  16. I saw the episode in which Teresa was throwing people under the bus making up stories about other people’s marriages..
    She’s a sad woman who is willing to hurt anyone for a story line even if it involves her daughters. She’s awful and evil😏

  17. I’ve watched this show from the beginning and Teresa is a dirty low down ignorant “BEOTCH”, She doesn’t have a shred of self respect for herself!, She didn’t even know how to say ingredients correctly!, she’s a bitter shrew! She hates her sister-in-law so much!… She knew what Joe was doing and was a willing party to it until it came time to pay the price!… I love Jackie!, she’s intelligent and that’s something Theresa can’t compete with!. Jackie is the player who came to the show , that is not her LAP DOG!, Jackie is just giving her what’s she’s dished for 8 years with no accountability!.. you go Jackie, put that uneducated table flipping trash in her place!.. you are the woman she wishes she could be!… oh and you people saying she’s a wonderful role model to her daughters, well I guess if you go on national TV and tell the world how you want to be F****D all kind of stupid ways is admirable that’s a pretty low standard that you people are admiring her for!.. All the other woman are so much more beautiful than her because they have what Teresa doesn’t have!.. inner love and respect for themselves!…Oh and she looks so stoned in that picture with her NEW man that’s been circulating online!.. She deserves everything she gets and more! What they say about KARMA?. Well she’s getting a deserving dose of it courtesy of JACKIE!.. you go Jackie !

  18. Well, I cant believe that she sold tht house and uprooted her kids n moved in with a new man. Idk how long shes dated him. My point is is it smart to move in with a man whom shes not married too. I mean only she knows him better but how well does she know him? Can he be trusted? She does have 3 daughters that reside with her. If I’m not mistaken Gia moved out and is of age to support herself. I only wish her the best. As for Teresa passed leave it there bc she did her time and paid all debts ALL of them. I dnt blame her for moving on bc Joe did talk smack abt her whn the cameras were rolling n she was not around. Does joe think shes tht dumblike she wldnt hv watched play back of the show??? Hello!! I wld hv left joe too I felt he was cheating on her. Glad she did move on. Tht was a smart decision. I hope she teaches her daughters well abt men, and life and tht cheating and lying is not the answer to the way of life the way their dad did things. Although, I hope joe has told his daughters not to do wht he did n tht he was wrong n hes apologize to a 4 of them tht was HARD on all of them. Now, thts all behind them I wish nothing but the best for Joe, Teresa and their 4 daughters. As for T leaving the show RHONJ I only hope its ALL HER decision NOT his.

  19. Joe treated her like dirt.He was belittling her mentally all the time.I think you a wonderful woman. I like your style.

  20. Most people come to this site to learn of. interesting real estate development – housing, retail) coming to their town. We don’t come to JerseyDigs for gossip and reality show dramas which are more than covered elsewhere. It’s a slippery slope – you start posting this type of article and soon your site is cheapened to a gossip column. For an example: New York Post (which I otherwise would not read) had an excellent real estate column and articles. It has since become a version of its Page Six with focused on where/how “celebrities” live. Please don’t go down that road.


  22. She is the last person that deserves this. Jail and misfortunes didn’t teach her one single bit of gratitude. She is nasty and extremely disrespectful to everyone she comes in contact with.


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