Tender Shoot Farm, the Beloved Downtown Specialty Grocer is Closing


tender shoot farms jersey city closingTender Shoot Farm is closing.

UPDATE: Seems we’re getting conflicting reports about the rent hike. Another person familiar with the business said the owners were not interested in renewing the lease regardless of the rate and instead wanted to retire. Although our first source who works there denied retirement was the motivation. Whatever the reason, it will be sad to see them go.

We first became suspicious when the store’s shelves started emptying about a month ago. Just yesterday we spoke to a source who confirmed they will be closing in August due to a massive rent increase. The proprietors of the store do not own the building and, according to our source, the landlord wants $15,000 a month to renew the lease. You’d have to sell a lot of groceries to cover that overhead, so the owners decided to shut down instead.

tender shoot farms jersey city closing shelvesBeing that it is located on the relatively new pedestrian plaza and ‘restaurant row’, the landlords along the block can now ask outrageous rents for these prime retail spaces.

It’s certainly sad to see a long-time neighborhood fixture shut down over a lease negotiation. I hope the folks behind it take this as an opportunity to retire and get some rest. They deserve it.


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  1. Most of the landlords do not live in Jersey City and believe they have goldmines. Demanding outrageous rent and having businesses fail, is not good for Jersey City and it is not good for the people who reside here. We need viable thriving businesses.

    There are many spaces available now on Newark Avenue with no takers because most small businesses know you cannot have too much overhead and succeed. Hopefully when taxes go up next year, and the spaces are still vacant, the owners will begin to see the light.

    Bobby H
    Jivamukti Yoga Center
    171 Newark Ave.

  2. inevitable, unfortunately, and one of the reasons why I sold my home in 07302 and moved out of town recently.

  3. the rent is too damn high!

    all the dry goods stores on that block are eventually going to be starved out and forced to move. they pay higher delivery costs because drivers need to haul the stuff down the sidewalk, and it’s harder for customers to get stuff out to their cars w/out ‘breaking the law’ by idling near the entrance to the pedestrian mall.

    i hope they will look a little further west on Newark Ave, up by Baldwin maybe or even on Baldwin. That area has no fresh produce options – closest place to me (pavonia & chestnut) is Apna on JFK, and they’re great for a lot of things but a far walk (1/2 mile+) w/ groceries…

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