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Bayonne City Council Approves 10 Story Building at 957 Broadway

Jersey City isn’t the only area experiencing a building boom. Bayonne is getting their fair share now too. Just last week the Bayonne City Council approved plans for a 10-story building at the corner of Broadway and 46th Street.
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A Staten Island Branch of the PATH?

What happens when you take the bureaucracy and incompetence out of our public transit system and simply envision what could be? Well, NYC based...
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Bayonne: The Next Construction Boom?

While Bayonne may regularly claim a $20 million structural deficit and has struggled with tax increases in recent years, city officials are making an...
124 5th Street, Bayonne

Bayonne is Tearing Down its Historic Properties

As reported by the Hudson County View, Bayonne resident Baer Hanusz-Rajkowsi is concerned about the increasing trend of demolishing historical properties in the city....
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Bayonne’s Alexan CityView Sold for $147.5M

Castle Lanterra Properties, a New York based real estate company has acquired Alexan CityView for $147.5 million. Along with the change in ownership comes...