170-Unit Project Approved Across from Berry Lane Park

Van Horne Woodward Street Rentals Jersey City 1
Site of approved development: 87-99 Van Horne Street and 72-78 Woodward Street, Bergen-Lafayette, Jersey City. Image via Google Maps.

A vacant property that is a stone’s throw from the Garfield Avenue Hudson Bergen Light Rail station is set to see a two-tower residential development rise, as the planning board has signed off on a modern project that comes courtesy of a Brooklyn-based developer.

The development is the work of Wallabout Realty Holdings and combines a whopping nine adjacent properties at 87-99 Van Horne Street and 72-78 Woodward Street. The parcels span an entire city block, fall within the Morris Canal Redevelopment Area, and overlook Berry Lane Park, Jersey City’s newest green space that opened in June 2016.

Besides providing much needed recreational facilities, officials had hoped the park would be a catalyst to transform some of the post-industrial properties that dot the area. A few development proposals have emerged for the neighborhood, but this project, which is being referred to as The Parkview Apartments, is the first significant plan to be approved.

Van Horne Woodward Street Rentals Jersey City 3
The Parkview Apartments, Bergen-Lafayette, Jersey City. Site plan via the application.

The development is years in the making, as Wallabout Realty acquired all the properties for $4.6 million back in 2016. Details of the proposal came to light last year via a Jersey City Redevelopment Agency agenda, and the company was granted final approval by the planning board at their March 26 meeting.

Designed by Ocean Township-based Monteforte Architectural Studio, the project consists of two buildings that will each rise seven stories over two floors of parking. The tallest portions will top out at just over 89 feet, and a total of 123 parking spaces will be included in the two-floor garage.

Van Horne Woodward Street Rentals Jersey City 2
The Parkview Apartments, Bergen-Lafayette, Jersey City. Rendering via Monteforte Architectural Studio.

The 170 units break down as 65 one-bedroom, 95 two-bedroom, and 10 three-bedroom apartments, which are intended as rentals. Each tower will sport its own lobby, while a bicycle storage room will have space for 98 bikes on the first floor. A common amenity deck will be built between the two structures, and each of the towers will have rooftop spaces that include a lawn area, a paver plaza, and covered seating sections.

The Parkview Apartments is designed to reduce stormwater runoff and will include some major infrastructure upgrades. The project will extend Woodward Street to create new parking spaces for visitors, plus build an entirely new road to connect Woodward Street and Van Horne Street. New sidewalks and improved pedestrian access to the Light Rail station will also be constructed.

In a rarity for a project within a redevelopment plan, 18 units of moderate-income housing will be included in The Parkview Apartments that will be set aside as workforce units. Additionally, the development will be contributing to the city’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund in the amount of $324,000.

Wallabout Realty has not responded to our inquiry as to when the project might break ground.


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  1. way out of place. would be better to build houses there instead.

    will have great views of the shootings and drug deals that go on there though.

    • Well that happens everywhere whether they gentrify the neighborhood or not. Drugs and guns are in EVERY neighborhood, not sure what your point was there.

    • Building development, right by transportation… Proper development. Best decision for the neighborhood. Plus 8 story and 5 stories are being biult blocks away… They are also putting money for improvements to the park and area plus added affordable housing… This being built on industrial leftovers and toxic waste… Yeah I rather have this beautiful development…

  2. 18 units of affordable housing out of 170 units, what a joke. The Mayor of JC is not fooling anyone. Jersey city needs more affordable housing for everyone not just highrise for people with deep pockets.

    • I never understood this argument. Why would a developer do more affordable housing? It’s a business and they need profits to develop. People complain when there are tax abatements…they complain when there is no affordable housing…it just doesn’t come across well and probably why the city ignores people. It’s much more effective to make an argument with some realistic expectations. How many affordable units you want? And can you show how that will still be nice profit for the developer so he actually builds there?

      Rality is JC is growing at a rapid pace and demand is at the highest in decades. Higher demand equals higher prices. You will not stop that. Which is a good thing as well because it creates more jobs as more businesses move and more people move in. Restaurant opens you need chefs, waiters, managers, bartenders..etc. Retail shop opens then you need cashiers, accountants, the list goes on. The only people that continuously complain are the ones that don’t want to grow with the city and just want the status quo.

  3. Awesome! Includes parking this exactly the type of building/housing we need in this part of JC. Downtown is over developed, money needs to be invested into JSQ and Bergan/Laf.
    About time, Thank you

  4. Wow , what a beautiful designed building. Right next to light rail, so the building height is appropriate. So much better than the water tower that was there before.

  5. What a gorges project, finally our part of Jersey City is getting whats long overdue! cant wait to see the work start, Great job planing board!!!

  6. Bravo !
    The gentrifications are long over due.
    This location has been derelict far too long.
    Finally someone has the vision to develop this area.
    5 min from Holland tunnel 1st exit 14b off the pike, can’t wait until the 16 acres that was cleaned by Ppg gets the green light !

  7. I am looking at this project and liking it very much. When I look to live or purchase property I always prefer to get information on the entity that is in charge. Unfortunately I have not been able to locate the Wallabout Realty Holding information, due they go by any other name? Would like to read reviews from owners and tenants of their previous projects. Thank you.


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