So Much More Than Tile: Porcelanosa’s Product Line Will Surprise You


interior designers multi unit developers jersey cityThere are few feelings more exciting than discovering that someone you count on for one thing is just as dependable for ten other things that matter to you. It’s like realizing your favorite pizzeria makes a great meatball parm, pesto gnocchi, and Italian sub too.

Get ready to experience that feeling all over again.

You probably think of Porcelanosa as a luxury tile company – and sure, their tile products are some of the best in the business. And maybe you already knew the company is not just a retailer but manufacturer as well. But did you know that they’re a full-service building materials company whose kitchen, bath, flooring, and façade solutions are just as innovative and aesthetically pleasing as the tile you already know and love?

“In a lot of cases, the builder is surprised that we’re a manufacturer,” said Donna Levy, Porcelanosa’s Director of Architectural & Design Sales. “The response is always, ‘We had no idea you did so many products!’” Indeed, builders and developers are thrilled to learn that Porcelanosa provides one-stop shopping that opens up a world of new opportunities for new construction and retrofits alike.

jersey city kitchen designers porcelanosaIn addition to the in-store retail sales team, the company also offers a concierge-like program to developers through their outside sales team of Architectural and Design Specialists. This program gives developers access to wholesale pricing, customization, and an insider resource guiding you through the full breadth and depth of the company’s offerings. Your Architectural and Design Specialist isn’t just a sales rep sitting behind a desk, but a true partner who will visit the job site to learn what kind of product package will make the biggest impact on your final product, all while staying within your budget.

With a strong local presence, Porcelanosa is a dependable and responsive supply partner, with warehouses and showrooms across the United States. “We’re not some company in Europe where you can’t get anyone on the phone,” said Levy. “We’re planted in the industry here. Our partners know where we are when they need us.” The company warehouses a majority of their products locally in Ramsey, NJ.

When you purchase directly through your Porcelanosa Architectural and Design Specialist, you can also enjoy access to the company’s rendering services. By showing an accurate, three-dimensional depiction of what the finished product will look like, developers can get units to market faster.

“We listen to developers to better understand their aesthetic and budgetary goals,” Levy said. “We have such a wide cross-section of product, our Architectural and Design Specialists are sure to identify one or multiple options for partnership. Let’s hear what you do, we’ll tell you what we do, and find the common ground.”

raised access roof deck flooring porcelanosa
Raised access flooring

For builders in Jersey City and Hoboken, that common ground might include tile, kitchen cabinets, bath vanities, engineered hardwood, or more specialty products like raised access flooring for rooftop decks and ventilated building façades. Since Porcelanosa manufactures all its products, certain items can be customized for individual projects depending on the size of the order. Imagine custom porcelain tile or a rare shade of hardwood flooring in your next project.

custom building facades porcelanosa new jersey
Ventilated building facade

The company’s newest product line is a proprietary custom façade system. These ventilated façades can give new or existing structures dramatic, modern new exteriors that improve energy efficiency and offer exceptional strength and resistance to fire, wind, and rain. They’ve also been certified by the International Code Council (ICC) and the Florida Building Code Approval (FL9364).

ventilated custom facades hoboken jersey city
Installed facade

Ventilated façades have been in use in Europe for years, and thanks to Porcelanosa’s presence in both markets, the company was able to be one of the first to offer the product stateside.

In addition to creating a modern, updated look, these façades can contribute to your project’s LEED certification, not only through the aforementioned energy savings but also because they contain recyclable content and no volatile organic compounds.

Porcelanosa’s façades score as high for form as they do for function. Developers can choose from nearly endless combinations of colors, finishes, and designs, ensuring that your façade is truly one of a kind. Its open joints translate to crisp edges, with no grout or filling to distract the eye. Embedded tolerance ensures a flush façade for years to come. And because the tile doesn’t absorb water, there’s no issues with freezing and thawing, and no effervescence, which means your façade will look just as stunning in the future as it does the day it’s installed. And don’t worry about the technical, the company leverages their in-house architectural and engineering team to provide full support through the entire planning and installation process.

Porcelanosa’s team of Architectural and Design Specialists are standing by to put together a one-stop, custom product package for your next project, whether you need kitchen, bath, plumbing, tile, flooring, or façade.

For more information, contact Donna Levy at [email protected].


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