Photos: Construction Progressing on New Downtown Newark Parking Garage

47 63 Green Street Mixed Use Facility Newark 3
Construction is underway on the Green Street Mixed-Use Facility at 47-63 Green Street, Newark. Photo by Jared Kofsky/Jersey Digs.

Construction is continuing to advance on a Downtown Newark parking garage that was originally proposed well over three years ago.

Crews have spent the last several months working at 47-63 Green Street at the corner of Mulberry Street on what is being referred to as the Newark Parking Authority’s (NPA) Green Street Mixed-Use Facility. Located near City Hall, the Newark Municipal Court, and the Prudential Center, the project is expected to consist of 515 parking spaces, offices, and retail space on the ground floor. The office space is slated to be used by the NPA, the City of Newark’s Finance Department, and the Newark Municipal Court, according to municipal legislation.

47 63 Green Street Mixed Use Facility Newark 1
The future Green Street Mixed-Use Facility, Newark. Rendering via TimHaahs.

Previously, the premises contained a surface parking lot and were expected to become the site of a parking garage with close to 650 parking spaces. Jersey Digs reported in 2017 that Newark’s municipal government sought to sell the property to the NPA for $1. Then, in 2019, the project made headlines after the Newark Municipal Council voted to lease back part of the facility over a 30-year period from the NPA for $27 million.

47 63 Green Street Mixed Use Facility Newark 2
Construction is underway on the Green Street Mixed-Use Facility at 47-63 Green Street, Newark. Photo by Jared Kofsky/Jersey Digs.

Currently, Blue Bell, Pennsylvania-based Timothy Haahs & Associates and Mountainside-based Netta Architects are listed as being responsible for the project’s architecture, while other contractors include Gilbane, Dobco, and Grant Engineering.



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    • Christian Rodriguez Agree. New Jersey talks a good game about needing to curb homelessness and boost local economies and yet it incentivizes development such as this. We can’t have it both ways! #DoubleTalk

    • There’s homeless in most major cities across the country, don’t single NJ out in that regard. Homelessness is certainly a problem, but should cities not at all develop because of this issue? The more money a city’s tax base receives, the more money said city could devote to basic services, and help for the less fortunate. It’s a multi-layered issue that requires a multi-layered response.

  1. That’s political talk eventhough some of it maybe true that doesn’t Do anything for the problem at hand in as we know once the money is generated by this none of it is not going to go too the homeless but the higher ups in city …Hall

    • This is the stupidity of one party (Democrat) “nonpartisan” government dictatorship. Sell for $1, rent for $27million..

      Another valuable huge downtown plot of land lost to government use.
      Why didn’t they add residential floors above?
      It is clear the Newark leadership doesn’t care if Newark loses its number one position to Jersey City, as long as they succeed in keeping out the whites and other undesirable gentrification

      • Agree on all the above. The part about the Dems 100 percent true. Elections have Consequences. The dems way to fix anything is throw money at it and hope it will go away. Just like Murphy in his budget to spend millions on illegals for lawyers when ICE picks them up.
        Nice job Dems


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