Revamp Approved for Oasis Bar Property in The Heights

511 Palisade Avenue The Heights Jersey City Exterior
Site of approved renovation, 511 Palisade Avenue, The Heights, Jersey City. Photo by Chris Fry/Jersey Digs.

An improved retail space and an expanded residential component should be coming soon to a storefront in The Heights, as the zoning board approved plans last week to overhaul an old building at 511 Palisade Avenue.

The existing three-story building on the land consists of a storefront and one apartment each on the top two floors. The ground floor space is home to Oasis Tavern. To prepare for the building’s overhaul, the property owner met with the Riverview Neighborhood Association back in September last year to present their plans.

511 Palisade Avenue The Heights Jersey City Exterior 2
Existing building, 511 Palisade Avenue, The Heights, Jersey City. Photo by Chris Fry/Jersey Digs.

On May 24, it was the zoning board’s chance to weigh in on the proposal, and they approved the application with conditions by a 7-0 vote. The owner is now free to expand the building into their envisioned four-story structure that will include seven total apartments and keep the retail space intact.

Designed by architect Debra David of Upper Montclair, the first floor will sport 1,245 square feet of renovated retail space, which the application says would be built to suit any future tenant that decides to take up residence. The remainder of the first floor will include a 306-square-foot studio and a small paved courtyard on the south side of the property.

511 Palisade Avenue The Heights Jersey City Elevation
The approved renovations. Sketch via the application and architect Debra David.

The six other apartments on the top three floors will consist of three 555-square-foot one-bedroom units and three 736-square-foot two-bedroom dwellings. A major overhaul to the building’s exterior is also in the works, as bay windows will be added to the center section. Aluminum siding on the building will be removed and brick facing will be used on the renovation, in addition to cast stone on the base of the property.

511 Palisade Avenue The Heights Jersey City Elevation 2
Elevations. Sketch via the application and architect Debra David.

The overhaul of 511 Palisade was made possible by the board granting three variances for building coverage, lot coverage, and density, which were needed due to R-2 zoning that’s in place for the land. The approvals come at a time when the debate about development in The Heights has reached a fever pitch, and just off the heels of recent approvals that were granted to redevelop the former Palisade Lumber property into a mixed-use building.


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  1. Looks like a really good addition to the neighborhood.. fits right in with the nicer looking buildings… cos let’s face it, it’s not a thing of beauty as it is now…

  2. So we violated the new R2D zone? The main issue is with the density and the precedent it sets. I do like the rendering of the facade but a 306 square foot apartment on the first floor? That’s a large closet not a true living space.

  3. Good. Bldg was an eyesore and the Oasis rarely seemed open. I don’t like the center window design though. Resembles a larger baybox. Just leave the windows and brick it over…with red brick (not orange or beige or whatever that cheap shit they use)

  4. This is an atrocious plan that stinks of developer greed and possible corruption. Who thinks 555 square feet is adequate space for a one-bedroom, or 736 square feet is a comfortable two-bedroom? Only a developer who wants to maximize everything to their own advantage and damn the neighborhood and everyone’s quality of life. I’ve been looking at one-bedroom units elsewhere at 750 square feet and think they’re too small. And how did this come before the Zoning Board without a peep to the neighbors? Those across the street say they didn’t received the required meeting notice, and I’m five doors up the block and have heard nothing until reading this article. The response from the Riverview Neighborhood Association is said to have been negative last fall. This upscale blighting of the neighborhood, not updating or rehabilitation. And it’s been approved in virtual silence.

  5. This is appalling. Just upscale blighting of the neighborhood by greedy developers, not “updating” at all. There will likely be tenants who will settle for a 555-square-foot one bedroom unit, or a 735-square-foot two bedroom, but is this where the neighborhood should be going with gentrification? Note that this was approved in virtual silence. Apparently there was one presentation to the local neighborhood association, which reportedly drew a negative response, and not a peep about this since then. Immediate neighbors say they received no legally required notice of the hearing at which the variances were given. This smells.

  6. Believe it’s same developer that was declined on church property, corner of JFK and Sherman Place . They don’t issue neighborhood notices , seethe self righteousness and love them variances


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