‘Meadows’ Project Could Bring 560 Apartments to Florham Park

Florham Park Morris County New Jersey Creative Commons
The Meadows at Florham Park residential development could bring dozens of buildings and hundreds of units to the New Jersey town between Morristown and South Orange. Pictured: view west along New Jersey State Route 24 at Exit 2 (Morris County Route 510, Florham Park, Morristown) in Florham Park, Morris County, New Jersey, via Wikimedia Commons.

A sizable apartment complex could be coming to Florham Park.

The project, which is being referred to as “The Meadows at Florham Park,” would bring 560 residential units to an 81-acre site off of Columbia Turnpike, according to the minutes from the Morris County Planning Board’s January meeting.

The minutes did not identify the name of the developer or provide a specific address along Columbia Turnpike of where the project could be built. However, they state that the southwestern part of the site would include 12 buildings with 200 units while the southeastern portion would contain 18 buildings with 360 units.

A total of 112 units at “The Meadows” would be “reserved for low- and moderate-income households,” according to the minutes. The document also shows that the unspecified property includes several detention facilities that had been constructed for the previously approved Triumph Square office park.

Columbia Turnpike, which is also known as Route 510, connects Morristown to the west with Livingston, South Orange, and Newark to the east. The road changes names to South Orange Avenue when it crosses the Passaic River into Essex County.

A project of this sort could generate a notable population increase in Florham Park should it be completed and have a high occupancy rate. The United States Census Bureau estimated that the suburban borough’s population decreased from 11,736 in 2010 to 11,496 in 2019.


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  1. Absolutely no reason to ever build a new development in this state again! You wanna live here? Move in somewhere already built. Otherwise go kick rocks!

  2. That land is really wet and swampy, which is the reason why it was never developed and still may never be. All the good land has already been built upon.

  3. They are also building 450 of these developments in the next town ,East Hanover. On River road, where old Nabisco land is . Did anyone take into consideration that Florham Park & East Hanover share one High school., that is also built on an outdoor campus on top of a swamp . They barely have room for the kids now . Kids who drive have no parking, outdoor switching classes in the water filled land , they barely have enough time to get to their next class never mind fighting the extra crowds of new students. Omg the traffic to get by the school or for those who that route to get to work is a nightmare already during school months . Who’s the genius who did the details 🤔 you know the little things like schools , traffic & the chaos it would bring to these residents that live here & payed a good amount of money for their homes to get away from all the stress of living in a overcrowded area. Funny I’ve lived here most of life & we who live here are always the last to know what’s going on.

  4. Email Citizens Improving Affordable Housing (CIAH) at: [email protected]. Let us know what problems that you’re having with affordable housing. We want to positively modify this law so it works for everyone in NJ.
    Jim Burd, President of CIAH


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