Nine New Units Planned for Mansion Near Jersey City’s Riverview Park

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Rendering: Lee Levine Architects

As developers continue to hunt for more properties in Jersey City to develop, it has become clear that the favored sites are close to public transportation, business districts, and parks. One site in The Heights where a new project is being proposed checks off all three of these.

This development is planned for 444 Palisade Avenue, just to the north of Griffith Street, in Ward D. Currently, the property, which is located close to Riverview Park, the Riverview Community Garden, the 2nd Street Station on the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail in Hoboken, and shops along the Palisade and Central Avenue corridors, contains a historic Victorian mansion with 17 rooms, a studio space, and a backyard.

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According to a legal notice released by the City, project planners are seeking to adaptively reuse the front portion of the existing structure and add new construction to the rear and sides to create a three-story multifamily building. When completed, the development would increase nine residential rental units, two of which would contain two bedrooms while the remaining seven would contain three bedrooms. No parking for cars is on the table for the project, but there are plans for five parking spaces for bicycles.

Plans shared by the Riverview Neighborhood Association show that the project is being designed by Hoboken-based Lee Levine Architects, PC, and the existing building dates to 1900. A multistory lobby would also be installed in the new part of the building as part of the proposal.

The developer of the project is 318 Whiton JC, LLC, which is registered out of the Hackensack office of Liquidity Solutions. According to NJ Parcels records, the company acquired the property for $750,000. Now, the organization is seeking Preliminary and Final Major Site Plan for the project with variances for density, use, and signage.

The Jersey City Zoning Board of Adjustment approved the proposal during its September 7th meeting.


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  1. Leave it as is, stop messing around with these historic homes! Hopefully the fact that this developer wants to bring 9 units with no parking and 5 parking spots should have great resistance.

    This is why we need Historic District in Bergen Lafayette area ASAP before these developers get their claws into some of those historic homes.

  2. This is needed in the area! The Heights has seen under investment. What’s needed is a zoning change to allow 3 and 4-unit town homes instead of the fugly Bayonne boxes.

    • I believe the neighborhood association is already reviewing the possibility of changing the zoning rules along Palisade ave to minimize the variance needs since basically every investment includes variances.

  3. The design of the addition appears to clash with the historic architecture. It looks like they inserted a small office building into the neighborhood. Who reviews projects like this in the Heights?

    • I agree with Luis’s comment. The architects could have done a better job matching the addition to the historic one-family, which was built in 1885…. Red brick would be a better match plus not so boxy. Looks like the developer is ripping out a lot of the outside Victorian detail, rather than cleaning it etc.. Too bad…

      Neighborhood Associations can suggest to the Planning Dept zoning changes. The Planning Dept then works with the Mayor’s Office / City Council to pass them.

  4. the people who own this property should make an offer on 32 Griffith and turn that property into parking for this new 9 rental units. they keep building but no parking, you cant park now in the area why add more. 32 Griffith is a mess, just a shell of a house left, huge front yard, they can make that their parking area with a pathway to the new apartments with a back door, then charge the new tenants extra for a parking spot. if anyone around here rents one or buys one, if its condos, then they know there is no parking around here,


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