Weekend Walks: A Photographic Tour of India Square


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little india journal square jersey city singhs department store
Singh’s Department Store

Jersey City regularly ranks as one of the most diverse cities in the US. With large populations of many ethnic groups cohabiting the city, it’s become a concentrated melting pot that’s a testament to America’s unique diversity.

In honor of this, we decided to visit the India Square subsection of Journal Square for this week’s Weekend Walk. In future walks, we will highlight some of the other ethnic groups that have made Jersey City home.

Journal Squared peeking over Newark Ave

Centered around Newark Ave between Kennedy Blvd and Tonnelle Ave, the area is home to one of the largest concentrations of Indians in the Western Hemisphere.

This few block stretch of Newark Ave is home to numerous Indian-centric grocery stores, restaurants, jewelry shops, clothing stores and travel agencies. It’s one of the most active pedestrian strips in all of Jersey City.

little-india-journal-square-jersey-city-taj-diamond-newark-aveNumerous Indian celebrations take place in the area including the largest outdoor Navratri celebrations in New Jersey and the annual spring Holi festival also known as the festival of colors.










Bengali Sweet House | If you’ve never had Indian sweets, you’re missing out!


Mango season!
Mango season!






And of course, White Castle
And of course, White Castle


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  1. […] This is the quintessential American immigrant story. Just like Chinatown and Little Italy, Little India is the story of how Indian immigrants pulled themselves up from their bootstraps and wrote their own destiny. They preserved their South Asian roots while embracing American business practices. They even reinvested in their own community with things like a neighborhood bank offering low-interest loans to fellow South Asian businessmen. Now, there are dozens of Little India neighborhoods spread across the country, from Pioneer Boulevard in Los Angeles and Devon Avenue in Chicago to Hillcroft Avenue in Houston. There’s even another enclave in New Jersey dubbed India Square. […]

  2. This section was heavily Polish from the 1930s. There were many of the same types of stores, including delicious delis with homemade kilbasy and other Polish food. The church on the corner of Newark and St Paul’s Avenues, St Annes’s Polish Church, was started by Polish immigrants. The Polish people moved up from Downtown Jersey City in the 1920s and 1930s.


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