Hundreds of Homes and Apartments Proposed Near Mount Olive’s International Trade Center

2000 International Drive Mount Olive Nj Development Project
A company associated with the Rockefeller Group is looking to bring hundreds of houses and apartments near the International Trade Center in Mount Olive Township. Image via Google Maps.

The population of an exurban Morris County township could significantly increase should a newly proposed development plan come to fruition.

New Jersey Foreign Trade Zone Venture, LLC, a company associated with the Rockefeller Group, is expected to seek approval this week in connection with a proposal to bring hundreds of houses and apartments near the International Trade Center in Mount Olive Township. The project, which is referred to in site plans from Menlo Engineering Associates that were posted by the municipal government as “ITC East,” consists of two components.

One element of the development involves constructing a new apartment complex at 2000 International Drive, which sits across Waterloo Valley Road from the Residence Inn by Marriott. Site plans illustrate a 13.6-acre high density residential complex called “The Crossroads” with five buildings and 166 units, but a legal notice that was recently issued mentioned plans for “up to 192 rental apartments” at the site.

The latter element would be built on the other side of Route 206 and include “520 for sale homes,” according to the notice.

The site plans show that 93 of these 520 units would be part of a townhouse development at a 23.2-acre site around 28 and 30 Continental Drive that is referred to as “The Canal.”

The remaining 427 units would be situated across the street at 250 Continental Drive, an 87.1-acre tract that largely surrounds the Stanhope Union Cemetery. This area, called “The Ridge,” would include 160 low density residential units and 267 medium density residential units, according to the site plans.

The notice mentioned that an unspecified amount of “affordable housing” would be included in both components, while the site plans show that 34 “affordable housing units” could come to The Crossroads and 104 “low rise affordable housing units” could come to The Ridge.

The premises, which are situated near the boroughs of Netcong and Stanhope, are all currently undeveloped and are partially wooded. These projects would be located just a stone’s throw away from Interstate 80’s Exit 25 and like most outer suburban developments of this sort, it appears that they will be car-oriented. However, the properties are also situated within a short drive of the Mount Olive and Netcong stops on New Jersey Transit’s Morristown and Montclair-Boonton rail lines.

This matter is on the agenda for the Mount Olive Township Planning Board’s virtual meeting this Thursday, July 16 at 7:00 p.m.

Note to readers: The dates that applications are scheduled to be heard by the Mount Olive Township Planning Board and other commissions are subject to change.



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  1. Mount olive mayor and council pass this they should be ashamed of themselves to allow thisThat’s not what the trade zone was set up for

  2. Get out of our town!!! Find somewhere else to build this is supposed to be country…rural… if i wanted to live in the city… I would move to JC…Hoboken…NYC…. we want forests not concrete!!!
    Mayor will toss his usual pc ” tax breaks” reply ENOUGH your taxpayers dont want it here!!!

  3. This will over burden an already maxed school system which will drive the already high tax rate even higher! Not a good plan!
    Make this group responsible for school tax increase that this will bring forth!

  4. Great, like if traffic is not a headache already on 80, we dont need apartments we need business and jobs for the people
    Not only that all this apartments are overpriced for no reason just like Overlook at Flanders they sucks.

  5. We don’t need the raise in taxes. The answer is NO. As a Resident of mount olive a former silent partner of the a-political zoning committee of rockaway township and as the son of the former business administration of Morris hills regional school district, this is a very unethical move. This WILL have a high impact of traffic and tax increases for the community due to the roads, gas, lights, policing, (I am not opposed to mount olives police dept) however the revenue will and must come from the residents of mount olive. NJ debt is larger than California’s. It will not be federally funded. If this passes, expect a decline in the quality of life in the area

  6. The State is and will continue to be bankrupt . The property taxes are ridiculous and the Governor ran his campaign on raising taxes and won,ain’t that a bust. So the people have the government they deserve. I moved from N.J. 8 years ago and happy I did. There are still many great places to live. So my advice is to research and move out of N.J.

  7. Mount Olive is not a bad place but it is growing in all directions, seemingly without forethought of the drain in services to the town. We know wealthy corporations have powerful attorneys that will diminish their tax responsibility to relatively nothing. Additionally, without a “Clover-Leaf” on US route 80 we are augmenting automobile mishaps by a great number.

  8. This is not a good use for this property. The owner thinks they can do whatever they please with this property without consideration for ameliorating the encumbrances upon the township and its taxpayers. If Mayor Greenbaum and the Council know how the negatives of this project outweigh whatever meager benefits the developer purports (and they should know) they will reject this expeditiously.

  9. If this happens, it will be a turn for the worse for Mt. Olive. The schools are full enough and this would only create more issues. Traffic’s not bad enough Mr. Mayor?
    This whole scenario played out 30 years ago (East Hanover). Take a look at their record for development in the 90s and you will see how they destroyed a once quaint town. Traffic capital of Morris County.
    Someone is getting paid if this passes.

  10. You can kick and scream all you want, this is happening everywhere and we can’t stop it!!!!! My beautiful town is turning into an ‘urban” area and it’s disgusting! I’ve lived in my town for 24 years, and the change that is taking place is frightening! All of the New Yorkers are moving here and my quiet is gone! Affordable housing is going up in every town because they don’t want to lose their government funding!! People are fighting it and losing BIG TIME!!!!


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