80+ Apartments Proposed Near 45th Street HBLR Station in Bayonne

736 742 Avenue E Bayonne
Site of proposed development: 736-742 Avenue E, Bayonne. Photo via Google Maps/Street View.

Over the last several years, as Jersey Digs has reported, multiple development projects have been proposed up and down Avenue E in Bayonne. From a two-pronged plan at the site of the recently demolished St. Joseph Cathedral to a 20-unit building at the Burnett Electric property, developers are continuing to focus on the Avenue E corridor. Now, yet another complex is being planned for the area.

A company called 746 Ave E Bayonne Urban Renewal LLC could build a residential development at 736, 738, and 742 Avenue E near East 46th and East 47th Streets. The proposed project would rise seven stories over the surrounding area and be roughly 100 feet tall, according to a public notice, which also mentioned that 82 residential units and 82 parking spaces are planned.

The properties are adjacent to the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail (HBLR) tracks and are visible from Route 440. The 45th Street HBLR station, which is the first stop south of Downtown Jersey City on the Bayonne Flyer service, is situated around the corner from the tracts. Part of the site includes the Beacon Oil Company building, which is notable because of the structure designed to look like a beacon on top of the roof.

The Bayonne Planning Board is set to hear 746 Ave E Bayonne Urban Renewal LLC’s application for Preliminary and Final Site Plan approval on Tuesday, March 10, at 6:00 p.m.

Note to readers: The dates that applications are scheduled to be heard by the Bayonne Planning Board and other commissions are subject to change.


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  1. Bayonne doesn’t need anymore apartments. During the morning and evening rush that road is packed with cars. The light Rail will be packed with all these new units. The Corona virus is going to cause a recession.
    Those units will go unrented.

  2. Another development, another tax abatement. Enough is enough already. They are roughly 5-6k units in the pipeline over the next decade. The buildings already up are having trouble attracting tenants. Woodmont Bay, on any given evening, looks less than 1/2 full despite being open for a year

    But, Davis and the council let any developer build whatever they want wherever they want, complete with generous tax breaks at the expense of Bayonne taxpayers.

  3. Completely agree. The Resnick’s site is still under construction, and is well over a year past the date is was slated to open. That same developer still has a “lease today” sign outside his building near the county park.

    When will the Bayonne city government get the message? People are NOT flocking to Bayonne as predicted. Massive construction of residential units is ongoing in Jersey City. People continue to choose JC over Bayonne.

  4. good to see you Shirely. versusreality here.

    this building is so unnecessary. the hype on this site about the direction in Bayonne is sickening.

  5. Glad to see you here! Realtors and developers are all hype, like used car salesmen. Luxury, vibrant neighborhood, etc are all over-used terms.

    Bayonne is heading for a day of reckoning. These 1/2 empty buildings will be filled with Sec 8 residents, who will place an immense burden on the school system. All while these buildings pay no school taxes.

  6. Communities on top of communities! What has happened to quality of life. To the homeowners who have been enveloped by these monstrosities.


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