Construction to Begin Soon on Bayonne’s Tallest Buildings

26 North Street Bayonne Mhs Rendering
Approved development: 26 North Street, Bayonne. Rendering via Marchetto Higgins Stieve.

New information and renderings have been revealed for a massive new mixed-use development near the 8th Street Hudson-Bergen Light Rail Station that will be the largest and tallest of its kind in Bayonne.

The upcoming project at 26 North Street, between Avenue C and Kennedy Boulevard, is now slated to consist of two high-rise towers, each of which will be 22 stories tall. In an interview with Jersey Digs, David Greenman from Silbert Realty & Management stated that construction on this new development is expected to begin in the next 90 to 120 days.

The current plans call for each building to include 170 residential rental units, for a total of 340. The apartments are expected to mostly consist of one bedroom or two bedrooms, but some studios are possible. The ground floor will include 25,020 square feet of commercial space, which will likely be occupied in part with what Greenman describes as a regional “small footprint gourmet high-end grocery retailer.” In addition, another business such as a daycare center or a restaurant is expected to occupy 4,200 square feet. Four underground floors of parking with 725 spaces for shoppers and residents are also planned.

Greenman said that this development is a “well-situated project” because of the site’s close proximity to the light rail, Route 440, the Bayonne Bridge, and the Broadway business district.

”As Jersey City gets more and more expensive and it’s harder to find reasonable housing there, Bayonne becomes a prime target,” he explained.

Although it is located next to a Rite Aid Pharmacy, the area immediately surrounding the property is a largely residential neighborhood. The site has sat vacant, surrounded by fencing, for over a decade. It previously was home to Pagano’s Supermarket, according to The Jersey Journal, and was acquired by a Bayonne-based LLC for $4.6225 million in 2015.

The project was initially approved in 2015 by the Bayonne Planning Board amid opposition by some residents of the city and support from others.

Originally, the property was expected to become the site of a four-story development called The Lofts at 26 North Street, but construction never began on that building. Years later, 26 North Street was expected to consist of one 22-story building, but the plans were eventually shifted to four high-rise towers with 680 units that would be connected to each other by mixed-use buildings. Now, the plans again changed to the current approach of two interconnected towers with balconies around a dozen stories high. The development is designed by Marchetto Higgins Stieve of Hoboken.

Greenman identified the developers of the project as The L Group’s Lance Lucarelli and John Cali from Cranford-based Cali Futures, LLC. Lucarelli and Cali are also responsible for the Park Bayonne project and the upcoming residential and restaurant development at 957 Broadway, which is expected to be completed in a little over a year.

The retail spaces and the exterior of both buildings at 26 North Street could be completed by either the end of 2019 or the beginning of 2020 with the residential units inside available shortly after, according to Greenman. They will likely be the tallest buildings between Jersey City and New Brunswick.


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  1. terrible. totally out of place. a quiet residential area will soon be overcrowded and over priced. I can’t wait to move. Bayonne is getting over priced and over crowded…and it’s only just begun.

    • It’s a good thing for Bayonne economically, and will make it a more desireable place to live. Not sure of the negatives of a beautiful building like that going up. Bayonne is plenty big to still have quiet residential areas.

      • Its completely out of place …… and in a tight spot. beautiful building with 0 views… plus we are a 3 mile long city with about 10+ and increasing housing complexes. plus there is 0 entertainment in this city to keep all these residents occupied.

  2. I moved from Bayonne in 2002. Went back to visit a few times. Do not recognize it anymore. Thought the only high rise buildings were the senior citizens buildings by Newark Bay.

  3. For Christ sake is this town ever going to ever get some entertainment ? We have a movie theater that is basically infested with bed bugs. The bowling alley is less than average and not even considered a part of Bayonne. This city has recently built up 3 medical facilities , a multitude of condos (more to come and some with not enough parking space) and don’t forget that new joke of a Dollar Tree that took over the Brass Foundry downtown… this town is becoming a huge retirement home and its because the whole board is made of old minded individuals who do not know how to appeal to the younger crowd they are trying to attract. I’ve lived here for over 20 years and haven’t seen anything change for the good other than the bridge reconstruction.

  4. I’ve lived in Bayonne my entire life 49 years. On Broadway and 7th. I’d have left 20 years ago if I didn’t have hope progress would come one day. I’m happy it’s finally here. I watched Bayonne fall into horrible decline stagnate with shitty $ stores opening all over the city. I support this progress and happy to live here. I hope to see more young energy move in and drive the city forward even more.

  5. Where do I sign up to object to such a tall ugly building. I don’t mind new construction, but this is ridiculous. The picture of this building is absolutely ugly. It looks like a bunch of boxes stacked on top of each other.


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