Community Meeting Tonight Will Discuss Proposed Union City Cliffside Development

Manhattan Avenue And Mountain Road Union City
Site of proposed development: Manhattan Avenue and Mountain Road, Union City. Aerial view via Google Maps.

A development proposal that would bring two new five-story buildings and a park overlooking the Manhattan skyline to Union City will be the subject of a community meeting this week.

Sky Pointe, LLC has announced that a meeting regarding the plans for close to a dozen properties near the corner of Mountain Road and Manhattan Avenue is scheduled for Wednesday, September 25, at 6:00 p.m.

The program at Colin Powell Elementary School, located just two blocks west of the site where the new complex could be constructed, is expected to include a description of the project, according to a public notice.

The new meeting date comes more than two months after the program was initially expected to be held. The event had been scheduled for July 18 but was canceled the day beforehand.

At the time, Jersey Digs exclusively reported that the development is expected to consist of a total of 99 units with an 8,500-square-foot public park and viewing platform situated between the two buildings.

The entire complex would replace several vacant buildings along with other neighboring tracts and be built atop a two-story parking facility with 185 spaces.

The public notice advertising the new date of the meeting indicates that the key project details previously released in July have not been adjusted in the time since.

Sills Cummis & Gross, the Newark-based law firm listed alongside the name of the developer on the notice, did not immediately respond to Jersey Digs’ questions about the project and the community meeting.

Note to readers: The dates of community meetings are subject to change.



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  1. 99 units on that tight street – crazy!
    gonna be a mess in that area soon enough – now that the hipsters are discovering UC.
    NJ Transit will not be able to support the commuter flow (they cant now and there is another huge new building right across from this proposal going up now.)
    rumor has it Jitneys to ride on Palisade ave – that will bring traffic to a stand still – those things are mobile road blocks.
    city has gone mad with crazy speed bumps all over the place. takes 20 minutes to drive 1 mile now.
    Hoboken snarl 2.0

  2. Even worse- 185 parking spots for 99 units. The last thing Union City, JC Heights, Hoboken and Weehawken need is more car traffic. The Newark/Jersey City area is already rated rated one of the worst in the country for driving!

    How about 1 parking spot for every 4 units, or better still, no parking. Without parking people will be less inclined to bring (and use) their cars.

    • My God, you just delineated exactly what is needed. No parking. Don’t give people the incentive to drive around here, or to have a car for that matter. I have a bike 🚲 and whenever I need a car I make the necessary arrangements.

      I sublet the two parking spaces in my house, very expensive I might add, and still people desperately pay for them. You should expand on that idea, make people understand that UC is not a car friendly city. We also need bike lanes.

  3. Good Afternoon and thanks for putting this article out – I wasn’t able to attend last night – can you share what transpired? Thanks and keep up the great work.

  4. Great ….more congestion less parking spots. How about building more parking lots ….soon people will be forced to leave their cars parked so they dont lose their spot…it’s already hard to find parking …when i get home late i can’t find parking circling the block for about an hour sometimes


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