Christopher Columbus Statue Removed Newark Featured

Italian-Americans Still Divided Over Columbus as Newark Statue Relocated to Sussex County

The statue of Christopher Columbus was rededicated yesterday at the Skylands Stadium in Augusta, New Jersey.
newark real estate renaissance

Renaissance Might Be the Wrong Word for Newark

Longtime residents take aim at the media's increasing desire to say Newark is experiencing a renaissance. It's more complicated than that.
jersey city arts scene

The ‘Scary State’ of the Arts in Jersey City

A recent Strong Towns article warns that Jersey City needs to focus on arts and culture as much as new development for fear of losing the artists and organizations it has left.
revetment house hamilton park jersey city parking

A Win for Hamilton Park: 1 to 1 Parking at Revetment House

In its bid to restart construction at The Revetment House, representatives from Newport Associates presented a revised site plan last Wednesday to the Hamilton Park Neighborhood Association (HPNA), the group that successfully convinced the Jersey City planning board to deny LeFrak’s request to lower their parking ratio.

Hamilton Park Neighbors, Your Voice is Needed Tuesday

As Jersey City seeks to become the largest city in NJ, many residents are paying closer attention to the direct impact any new development...