Borders Tex-Mex Cantina Opens in Downtown Newark

Borders Tex Mex Cantina Newark
Now open: Borders Tex-Mex Cantina, 1034 McCarter Highway, Newark. Photo via Borders website.

A longtime restaurant in Downtown Newark that closed earlier this year has already been replaced by another sit-down place to eat.

The building at 1034 McCarter Highway/Route 21 that used to contain Mr. Adams Steakhouse recently got a new coat of paint and now contains a business called Borders Tex-Mex Cantina. The restaurant, which opened its doors to customers earlier this month, has a liquor license and features a patio with outdoor seating overlooking the Passaic River.

Items served range from entrees like pollo al carbon, brochetas, burritos, and burgers to soups, wings, empanadas, and salads. Desserts like caramel flan and churros are also on the menu.

Borders joins other Mexican restaurants in New Jersey’s largest city such as Aguilas de Mexico, Dario’s, and Mi Pequeno Mexico. However, it is the only Tex-Mex restaurant of its kind currently operating in Newark.

The building, which is situated near the Bridge Street Bridge, has its own parking lot and once was home to Rio Rodizio. Given its location along a busy state highway, this location does not currently see as much foot traffic as other sections of Downtown Newark. However, there could be thousands of additional pedestrians and potential customers passing by Borders should the upriver expansion of Riverfront Park and the development of the Riverfront Square complex continue to progress.


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