55 Units Planned for One of Union City’s Last Undeveloped Cliffside Lots

1300 Manhattan Avenue Union City Exterior
Proposed residential development, 1300 Manhattan Avenue, Union City. Rendering via National Realty Investment Advisors (NRIA).

A reactivated proposal to develop one of Union City’s last remaining undeveloped cliffside properties is moving forward.

Tonight, the Hudson County Planning Board (HCPB) is scheduled to memorialize its decision to approve the plans for 1300 Manhattan Avenue and 15 neighboring tracts, all of which sit on the cliffs of the Palisades between the 14th Street Viaduct and Mountain Road. A public notice from the board states that all 16 lots are slated to be combined into one property, with four new multi-family buildings constructed on the premises. The complex would contain 55 residential units along with 130 parking spaces.

1300 Manhattan Avenue Union City Residence
Residence with a view. Rendering via NRIA.

The company proposing the development is called Manhattan Avenue Capital 1300, LLC. The HCPB’s meeting agenda shows that the company is affiliated with Secaucus-based NRIA, LLC, also known as National Realty Investment Advisors, which is involved in several projects in Philadelphia. Renderings posted by the company show that the project is being designed around its cliffside location. While all of the buildings would appear to be five stories tall when viewed from Manhattan Avenue, New Yorkers viewing the complex from across the river would see that the two northern buildings would have seven floors while the other two would reach 11 stories. Many of the units would include terraces for residents.

1300 Manhattan Avenue Union City Exterior 2
1300 Manhattan Avenue, Union City. Rendering via NRIA.
1300 Manhattan Avenue Union City Terrace
Apartment terrace. Rendering via NRIA.

These properties, which are located near the Jersey City border and overlook the Manhattan skyline, are owned by a Franklin Lakes, Bergen County-based firm called Hoboken Heights, LLC. Some of the tracts stretch all the way down the hill and end near the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail and the site of the proposed New Jersey ventilation facility and shaft site for the Hudson Tunnel Project.

1300 Manhattan Avenue Union City Living
Living area. Rendering via NRIA.
1300 Manhattan Avenue Union City Kitchen
Kitchen. Rendering via NRIA.

In addition to gaining approvals at the municipal level, this proposal was required to go before the HCPB because Manhattan Avenue is a county road. The county approvals were granted during the board’s last meeting in May while the municipal approvals were granted back in 2006.


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  1. I am happy to see union city granting such beautiful building to be developed.
    This is exactly what union city needs.

  2. Hopefully a nice high end development takes place on this site. Lately I have been seeing more and more buildings boarded up in Union City, not good. No other nearby town is this happening. Union City should take full advantage of this opportunity and hopefully takes the right course which is a win win for EVERYONE.

    • Horrible? Really? Horrible is what some areas and buildings of Union City has become. Let Union City flourish and eliminate the bureaucratic red tape. WIN WIN

    • Abandoned and boarded up shacks! Yeah, finally the mayor is waking up to the future. Union city needs a bright future. Right now it’s old and backwards!

  3. fantastic looking project. Union city needs developments like these and not boarded up properties collecting garbage. Thank you to the developers for beautifying our town UNION CITY

  4. Union City deserves to be known for beautiful developments like this! I grew up here and with buildings like this I’m proud to come back!

  5. It’s funny how some ppl think this is a great idea and some don’t. Developing property is always a good thing, but did you ever stop and thing who can afford to live there?? I know I can’t. We are being pushed out and it’s sad not everyone can afford to live in such beautiful accommodations.

  6. Well perhaps it’s a good idea to instil values and the understanding in your children’s lives that hard work, good decision making and continuing a wise worthy education is rewarding in life. This is the best country in the world and by doing all of this, ANYONE can make it.

  7. I have lived in Union City for the past 27 years. I have seen this city transform into what it is today. It has become extremely expensive to afford living in this town. I see white and Asians moving in slowly. I give it 15 to 20 years and this town will look like downtown JC. Luxury complex left and right. Poor folks will be forced to move out because property and rent expenses will only go higher. Union City will turn into an expensive luxury town where everyone wants to live. So close to the capital of the World NYC. Mind you I am a professional and I can already foresee that I won’t be able to afford living here 10 years down the road.

    • Fears of sudden gentrification because of this development are not founded in reality. Letting abandoned buildings stand doesn’t help any residents of UC. As opposed to your likely current belief, these rotting heaps won’t magically scare away the whites and asians anymore than the “NO LOUD MUSIC” signs stop latinos from bumping the latest Bad Bunny record in their cars.

      As for the comparisons to Jersey City… It took much longer than 10-15 years for downtown JC to gentrify. Try 30-40. Newport mall was built over 30 years ago. The elements that spurred gentrification in JC do not exist in Union City: waterfront, PATH, historic brownstones, parks etc. It has become more expensive to live anywhere in this state, UC isn’t an exception. Enjoy your life, enjoy your town, and stay active in keeping the community clean and safe.

    • I have lived at 1400 Manhattan Avenue 17 years. I will believe it when I see it. Brian Stack will tort them into the poor house. As long as he is mayor, I feel very safe!!!

  8. I’m sure your value to your property increased as well if u own property. It’s the way of life.
    No one is forced out they just cash out to move on to the next step of life.There property has increased in value and are able to move on.
    On a smaller scale no one can afford Prada,Gucci,Louie Vutton Ext. But I’m sure if you look in your closet you own a few pieces of high fashion over price items WHY?
    With that said when there is a will there is a way.
    I am also a professional and probably can’t afford it.
    Though I do envy people rewarding themselves when they work hard isn’t that the american dream we once had. Reward ourselves for doing instead of given our earnings to those who don’t.
    Development creates comptition and makes motivation for people to clean up there Properties to increase there value.
    This is all good.
    NYC is expensive too and you see poor,middle class and rich living among each other no problems
    People are working for high taxes to pay for others who don’t want to
    Maybe this is why we can’t afford things.

    • I am a professional who has lived at 1400 Manhattan Avenue for 17 years. I like the neighborhood as is. Leave all the other people ALONE! Go to Hoboken. And build on the flood planes. They don’t mind. We do.

  9. Your property on 1400 Manhattatan ave will Quadruple in the next few years. Take your money and be thankful you made a great investment! Manhattatan ave will be so beautiful! Take your your money that you make on your property and buy the penthouse . I’m sure you won’t mind! Congrats! 😊

  10. We need civilisation in union city. It’s backwards. I know, I live there. We need some gentrification. We need to live with others as well and not stay in the past. Buildings and houses are abounded and left for years to become dilapidated. Eye sores all over union city. Shameful!


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