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Hap Investments 500 Summit Avenue Jersey City 2

HAP Investments Sues Jersey City Over Alleged Stalling at 500 Summit Avenue

The developer has filed suit against several city officials, claiming that they have unfairly denied them permits to begin construction on the project.
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500 Summit Avenue jersey city HAP Tower journal square

First Round of Funding Raised for 42-Story Journal Square Tower

HAP Investments raised a portion of the funding needed to build HAP Tower in Journal Square at 500 Summit Avenue through a private placement abroad.
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500 Summit Ave jersey city HAP Tower journal square

HAP Investments Closes on 500 Summit Ave, Plans 42-Story Tower

Speculation around a new 42-story tower at 500 Summit Avenue in Journal Square was ongoing since 2014 when erroneous reports came out that HAP bought the property. Now, the deal officially closed on June 1st.