New Ownership Brings Upgrades to Silk Mill Lofts in Union City

silk mill lofts union city artists studios
Rendering via Sun Equity Partners

Under new ownership, the Silk Mill Lofts in Union City will see a multi-million dollar capital improvement project that hopes to further establish the complex as an urban arts center.

Originally built in 1874 as home to the R. H. Simon Silk Mill, Silk Mill Lofts consists of seven brick buildings of varying heights connected by courtyards that are traversed by bridges, walkways and corridors. It has served as a flourishing New York metropolitan artist refuge since the 1990s. Currently, the 125,000 square foot space, which occupies a full city block from 39th-40 Street, is 55% occupied by practicing artists and creatives involved in visual arts, photography, sculpture, painting, glass works and more.

silk mill lofts union city creative studios
Rendering via Sun Equity Partners

Sun Equity Partners recently purchased the landmark complex with the intent of providing existing tenants improved work environments and attracting new artists and commercial users from Hudson County and New York City. They’ve enlisted renowned Hoboken-based Lee Levine Architects, an expert in space planning and interior and building design and a specialist in sensitive alterations of landmark and historic structures, to work on the renovation project.

“The arts have long been an important part of the fabric of Union City and Hudson County, but finding appropriate work space continues to be a struggle,” said Abe Tress, Director of Operations for Sun Equity Partners. “Silk Mill Lofts’ soaring spaces, large windows, natural light and spectacular views of the Manhattan skyline, as well as the historic charm stemming from the brick exteriors and towering smokestacks, provide the perfect ambiance for creative work. With some strategic upgrades, the property will anchor the area’s growing arts scene by attracting new tenants from both sides of the river, as well as provide unique loft spaces for office leaseholders.”

Interiors at Silk Mill Lofts feature 13’ to 16’ loft ceilings and industrial windows to provide the right amount of space, natural light and ambiance artists need to be at their creative best. There are also freight elevators to accommodate the transfer of large materials and works.

[gmap height=”250px”]540 39th St, Union City, NJ 07087[/gmap]

Silk Mill Lofts – 540 39th St, Union City, NJ 07087


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  1. sounds sweet but in reality at some point the yuppies will want the 13′ to 16′ ceilings and will be willing to dish out significant money for it. At which point the complex will be renovated to high end residential building with Bosch appliances, Italian imported marble, and herringbone floors with Starbucks in the lobby.

  2. Salr15: You are exactly correct. The buyer is spewing this BS to placate the very pro-arts dreamer in the building. I hope he got a very good price. He really was devoted to the building.

    • yes he was — but it was the time to go after 26 years — the $$ was nice — a severance pay without crawling through a sewer pipe to freedom……

  3. i rent a spot there.and the new owners are very nice.
    they start doing big renovations to give us nice spaces to use.
    and they start to bring more artists to the spot.
    so i think guys you totaly wrongggg!!!!!
    mary the queen


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