10-Story Development Along Broadway in Bayonne Could Be Approved This Week

282 288 Broadway Bayonne Nj Development
Proposed development: 282 Broadway, Bayonne. Image via Google/Street View.

Luxury-minded development is starting to become more prominent in the Peninsula City and a new project along a major retail artery could be given approvals later this week.

Last year, local property owners Allan and Joanne McLeod submitted an application to redevelop several parcels they own at the intersection of Broadway and 12th Street. The official addresses of the four lots they will combine for the project are 282-284 Broadway, 286-288 Broadway, 9-13 Herrick Court, and 9-15 East 12th Street.

The plots are one block north of a QuickChek market and are currently home to several industrial buildings and a parking lot. The land falls within Bayonne’s Newark Glass Site Redevelopment Plan.

Everything currently at the properties would be demolished under the proposed scheme and replaced with a 10-story mixed-use building that includes 151 residential apartment units. Approximately 1,772 square feet of ground-floor retail space would be featured at the development, which includes 169 off-street parking spaces. It’s unclear if the project is planned as condos or rentals.

Allan and Joanne McLeod are seeking Major Site Plan approval from Bayonne’s planning board and are requesting a bulk variance for maximum building height. The application is scheduled to be heard by the board during their January 14 meeting, which starts at 6:00 p.m. and takes place inside the Municipal Council Chambers at 630 Avenue C.

Note: An earlier version of this article included renderings that were incorrectly attributed to this project. We removed the renderings and will update the article when the ones for this project become available. 



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    • You’re right. Im looking out my window now and i see a luxury complex that’s 15% occupied. Do you have any incite as to what is going on in this town? There had to be major kickbacks involved. Most of these apartments are near empty and they keep building them.

  1. That rendering is on the wrong side of the street 282 Broadway Herrick Ct & East 12 st are on the east side of broadway The rendering shows the northwest corner of broadway

  2. why are they destroying Bayonne
    There is no parking on Broadway…not to mention the schools. We got some planning board!!!!!! Psychologists took 4 rats in cage…then they over crowed them and the rats started to kill other rats. I hope it is not too late for BAYONNE.

  3. I feel that Bayonne is turning into a ” little Manhattan”. I moved here from Fairlawn in Bergen County. One huge plus about Bayonne is you can get anywhere without a vehicle. Plus, in Fairlawn, all the stores close by 7pm. Here? Almost anything you could want, is available! I have a beautiful view of the Skyline from my 7th floor balcony. It could be SO much worse!

  4. More building with tax abatements while the rest of us get the increases. They can’t fill the ones they already built. Someones getting very rich off this while they build the city’s future ghettos.

  5. With all this overbuilding, and Not upgrading the existing sewer system, Bayonne will be come Shittown, USA. Thank you wise leaders. , learn from the mistakes Ft Lauderdale, FL. is encountering.

  6. Good old Payonne is going to all out of towners look at all the ny plates there are people coming that don’t shop here get their hAir done nails etc


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