Newark Development Could Serve ‘Homeless, Disabled, and LGBTQ Residents’

25 27 Roseville Avenue Newark
Site of proposed development: 25-27 Roseville Avenue, Newark. Photo via Google Maps/Street View.

Amid an uptick over the last few years in largely market-rate developments being planned and constructed in Downtown Newark and surrounding neighborhoods, farther west, a unique new project could be constructed in the Fairmount neighborhood of New Jersey’s largest city.

A new building “to house chronically homeless, disabled, and LGBTQ residents” is in the works for 25-27 Roseville Avenue, according to a public notice. The proposed development, which would be built at the corner of Sussex Avenue for the East Orange-based RAIN Foundation, would consist of 11 units.

Located near St. Barnabas’ Episcopal Church, the property is owned by Newark’s municipal government, according to tax filings. The premises are currently undeveloped.

The notice mentioned that the City of Newark was expected to submit an application to HUD’s Newark Field Office last week to request a $1.3 million HOME Investment Partnership Program grant to help fund the development.

The HOME program “provides formula grants to states and localities that communities use, often in partnership with local nonprofit groups, to fund a wide range of activities including building, buying, and/or rehabilitating affordable housing for rent or homeownership or providing direct rental assistance to low-income people,” according to HUD.



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  1. I am facing eviction how can I get help I have a six month old baby and I have know place to go I don’t want to go to a shelter

  2. Anthony, Newark Emergency Services for Families May be able to help you. Also google homeless prevention services/agencies that are in the area. I do not know your financial situation but check with welfare. Also try to negotiate with your landlord and the court if necessary. I will try to come back with other suggestions.

  3. Your World Hands an NJ Non-Profit is looking for grant writers to apply for grants to rehab building to house homeless and battered women. Create a program that can help persons to get the help they need and move on.


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