JCFabLab Announces Art and Tech Summer Camp


jc fablab summer campDo you have a technically inclined child? Do they love to build things with their hands? Then you need to consider sending them to JCFabLab’s Art and Tech Summer Camp. The program gives children hands on experience learning the basics of industrial design, graphic design, engineering, art-making, fabrication, fashion design and more. It’s a great opportunity to spark your child’s imagination while learning fundamental skills that will stay with them forever.

Here’s the official announcement from JCFabLab:

Join us this Summer for an experience that will spark your kids’ imaginations. Do you have inventors in your midst? Our camp is a truly exceptional one-of-a-kind experience for kids (ages 7-16yo). It runs from June 27 thru August 4th. (With one day off for the fireworks on July 4th). Sign up for 2wks, a month, or the entire run. We’re running four sessions, including:

  • Animation Camp
  • Design Camp
  • Audio & Design with Electronics 101 Camp
  • Skateboards & More Wood Shop Camp
  • Self-Driving Robot Car Camp
  • Textiles, Wearables & Accessories Camp

And a half-day camp:

  • Drawing for Art & Design Camp (12yo and up)

Camp days run from 9AM-3:30PM… with plenty of outdoor fun in addition to time in the shop making amazing things. Note that when we say ‘design’ we mean not just graphics… kids will make things out of wood, acrylic and found materials. And all of our camp sessions involve sketching, drawing, and on through prototyping and final design. Kids will have fun fun fun while learning the basics processes involved in industrial design, architecture, graphic design, engineering, art-making, fabrication, fashion design, and so on.

And as materials are concerned, we strongly believe in looking around before pulling out new materials, especially when it comes to prototyping and learning. Better to make your early mistakes using cast-off cardboard, right? And yes, our Lab Techs and Instructors are well versed in their specialties and we all love teaching kids how to realize their visions into something they (and you) can hold in their hands.

You can learn more or sign up here: JCFabLab Art & Tech Camp Sign Up


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