Could East Orange Become The Next Jersey City? Its Mayor Thinks So

the station at brick church east orange
Credit: Clark Caton Hintz

For many years, vacant lots have lined many of the streets in Essex County’s second largest city. However, times are starting to change across East Orange.

A massive new development is proposed for 20-30 Evergreen Place, at the site of a large vacant tract. A resolution approved in March by the East Orange City Council designated TD+Partners and J.G. Petrucci as developers of the lot. The resolution states that a “the City desires that the project area be developed in accordance with the (Transit Village) Redevelopment Plan”.

20 30 evergreen place east orange
The Station at Brick Church | Credit: Clark Caton Hintz

design posted by TD+Partners shows that there are plans for a 17-story residential tower at the site called ‘The Station at Brick Church’. The company website states that the project will cost $100 million and that it “will transform a more than 20-year vacant property in the City of East Orange into a captivating mixed-use community”. Clark Caton Hintz will be the architect. EDITORS NOTE: The City of East Orange reached out to clarify that though the project was approved, the City chose not to move forward with the project due to financing. The City is actively seeking a new developer for the project. 

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Two abandoned office buildings used to be located at the site but were demolished nearly 10 years ago, and the lot has been vacant since.

The Brick Church Train Station is a short walk away from the property, and there are several restaurants and stores in the area, including a ShopRite supermarket.

Just down the street, a new business hotel is coming to the neighborhood. An 81-room Holiday Inn Express hotel will be constructed at 88 Evergreen Place. The hotel developer, East Orange Hospitality, will receive a 30-year tax abatement. In lieu of taxes, an annual service fee will be charged. A city ordinance states that the “developer has demonstrated to the satisfaction of Municipal Governing Body that the granting of a long-term tax exemption will improve the quality of life for the occupants of the project and the quality of life for the City of East Orange”.

125 south harrison street east orange
125 South Harrison Street | Credit: TD+PARTNERS

One block away, many new apartment buildings are planned for the South Harrison Street corridor. A seven-story apartment building with first-floor retail space called Lotus @ 315 will rise at the site of a vacant lot, and a new 103-unit five-story building will come to the site of an abandoned apartment building at 125 South Harrison Street in 2017. The Essence with over 130 units is nearly complete at 144 South Harrison Street, and the Aura 240 building has already opened. Many residents are drawn to the street because of its location alongside Orange Park, which contains a lake, playgrounds, and walking paths.

Other planned developments in the city include a new apartment building along Harvard Street, 71 new apartments on North Walnut Street, a new building with 62 apartments on Summit Street, and a 26-unit building on Park Avenue.

In an interview with Ebony Magazine in 2014, East Orange Mayor Lester E. Taylor III stated that “there is no reason why East Orange can’t do [what Jersey City and Hoboken] have done.”


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  1. Doubtful. The mayor is sorry and has done nothing but add 7-11’s and a Subway to the city. He can’t even get the streets powers in a timely fashion. Not to mention, that shopping center with the Shop Rite mentioned in your article is horrible. It’s filthy, the workers have attitudes and it’s always packed.

  2. @KMR it could and I believe it’s going to happen. They not investing in south harris street and other corners of the city for the same bullshit out come. Lets go back in time when you can say why the hell would they build a mall in the middle nowhere fast forward to today look at Jersey City now open your eyes and recognize the investment opportunity before it past you like it did the Jersey City residents.

  3. Sure that happened with Jersey City and quite possibly could happen with EO but not with this Mayor. He is just as corrupt as the garbage he cleaned put of city hall and what still lay waste in this city still full of corruption. Mr Mayor’s kids somehow managed to bypass a waiting list a mile long to get his kids into the most prestigious Charter school in Newark. How come his kids don’t go school in East Orange if it’s such a great city. I believe they will and can develop the area but until the city is run by politicians who can focus on the people and not their own selfish interest, the quality of life here will still be less desirable. And the East Orange shoprite has to be one of the most filthiest supermarkets you can ever imagine.

  4. I am living in East orange for the past ten years and have seen some progress in the city that i love cause i see how easy this place can be to live so i work in new york city so i brag to my co workers about how clean and safe it is to live here, however, i am so disappointed about how slow the progress is and the potential is so great… I have seen upgraded apartment … renovated homes..and the new essence on south harrison street.
    Now shoprite is s sore eye..the parking lot is always dirty, the exterior of the supermarket is dirty… No Landscape around the building like you would see in Brookdale and or route 4 in paramus. The cashiers are not train in anyway..they dont greet customers,, they have personal conversation with each other (inappropriate subjects). the outside displays for the specials looks like a 3rd world food market for the poor. i just dont understand why or how the mayor havent met with management or he dosent shop in east orange..
    the cab service is at its worst trying to get you in their dirty, hot smelly cabs…..thats another book…

    I am hoping to God that these plans to to light of the day……


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