Board Approves Plan to Bring Two-Building Complex with 323 Apartments to East Orange

111 Prospect Street East Orange New Jersey
Site of approved development: 111 Prospect Street, East Orange, New Jersey. Photo via Google Maps/Satellite View.

Plans to bring a development consisting of two apartment buildings to a group of properties in East Orange are now able to move forward.

During a meeting on April 7, the East Orange Planning Board memorialized its March approval of an application from 111 Prospect Holdings, LLC calling for a development with 323 residential units at 111 Prospect Street, 38 Washington Terrace Lot, and a few neighboring properties, a notice of decision states.

The development firm, which is registered out of Lakewood, was granted preliminary and final major site plan approval with variances by the board.

The project is expected to include 224 one-bedroom units, 81 two-bedroom units, and 18 studios along with an outdoor pool, according to East Orange Comprehensive Planning Manager Joseph Bianco.

A document released by the City of East Orange regarding this development refers to plans for the “Prospect Building” with 163 units and the “Washington Building” with 160 units.

As Jersey Digs first reported in March, this proposal covers the old home of the Jewish Vocational Service of MetroWest New Jersey. This area is within close walking distance of the Brick Church train station along with a stop on New Jersey Transit’s 41 bus to Newark Penn Station. In addition, the 94 bus between Bloomfield and Linden runs along Prospect Street.


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  1. Yes, yes, that’s nice and all but when are they going to start with the “crossings at brick church” project?

  2. Gentrification to East Orange? Well, I can’t say I’m surprised but I didn’t see it coming for a few years at least. I just don’t see how this would work in the town, as messed up as it is. Just a sign of the times. Sigh.

  3. I want to know how come none of the new buildings can have a three bedroom apartment. Two I hope they build enough parking spots because prospect is not big enough for more street parking.

  4. Every time something good coming to your city you cry out, if the city dosent improve and staty the same and get worse you cry out why this city dosent have any progress then you call the city workers lazy or dont care about the city and they get pay for doing nothing. This and these properties have been abandon for many years and now they are going to build a nice building we cry.. wtf is wrong with us, This was a Jewish vocational center so what Jews have to do with the improvements. BLACK people should live in poor rundown cities and thats what the white man want…they say look at the places where all black lives “always dirty and crime ridden. The only building get tax credit are the ones that are not luxury. tax credit as for such properites which the Mayor make sure that East Orange residents gets first chance with affordable and low income included which there are a lot including THE STATION AT EAST ORANGE ON WILLIAM STREET, THE CROSSING AT BRICK CHURCH STATION, etc. anyone who dont want progress should MOVE away. The city has so much abandon properties as CRIME was so high years ago. with these new building the city will collect taxes and improve the city streets etc. These luxuries buildings on South Harrison Street pay high taxes to the city. STOP BEING NEGATIVE AND THINK PROVERTY IS THE KET CAUSE ITS NOT… every good city has all income level of people, race, culture etc like Bloomfield,. Gentification is when they buy out everyone and build only luxury building and homes… THESE ARE ABANDON PROPERTIES. when East Orange was crime ridden most of the residents move away …………. some of the residents children after graduating from college move away to live in nice apartment in nice cities. STOP !!STOP!! STOP COMPLAINING……

  5. nothing but sick and uninform people come on here to make negative comments on the progress of East Orange.. they want the city to have boarded up properties, horrible streets, etc and no improvements, THE MAYOR SELLING OUT TO THE JEWS???? unbelievable… the mayor dose not own the city and the person who said our town…EAST ORANGE IS NOT A TOWN… ITS A CITY….SOUTH ORANGE is a Village….BLOOMFIELD IS a township. MOVE OUT ALL YOU NEGATIVE RESIDENTS….. AND STOP SPREADING RUMORS AND LIES!!!!

  6. Most EO Residents are tenants with an average HH income of about $43000/year. The majority of apartments being built or approved for future development will cost current tenants almost 50% or more of their annual HH income on rent. Yes, the properties were abandoned and an eyesore to the city, but we need some of these developments to be ‘truly affordable’ for the current residents as well. The city has some influence regarding who comes in to develop and I do not see where any of our city officials have advocated for the working class folk, who have kept East Orange afloat (both homeowners and tenants). The number of ‘affordable’ units in most of the ones recently built or opening is nothing compared to the total number of units. Possibly displacing individuals and families (new units have mostly studios & 1 bdrms) due to redevelopment and a significant increase in living costs sounds like Gentrification to me.


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